- Sep 27 2017

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Clues Answers
''In what way?'' HOW
''Ristorante'' bottle VINO
''Yikes!'' OHNO
''__ Lisa'' MONA
204, to Caesar CCIV
Add up to TOTAL
Adjusted, as a piano TUNED
Baseball great Ripken CAL
Blow one's top ERUPT
Broke loose ESCAPED
Countrywide: Abbr NATL
Designer Wang VERA
Devour EAT
Doctors' org AMA
Dutch cheese EDAM
Editor's removal mark DELE
El __, TX PASO
Embarrassing commotion BIGSCENE
Employing USING
Excessive UNDUE
Feeling tense EDGY
Food safety agcy USDA
Forgive, informally LETSLIDE
Frequently ALOT
Freudian concept EGO
From Dublin IRISH
General __ chicken TSOS
Glacier, essentially ICE
Group of troops UNIT
Half-rectangle shapes ELLS
Harbor city SEAPORT
In flames AFIRE
Jeans fabric DENIM
Lamb's mom EWE
LAX postings ETAS
Logging tool AXE
Clues Answers
Look through a book READ
Low-priced CHEAP
Major fad MANIA
Meanspirited PETTY
Microwave's ''thaw'' setting DEFROST
Miles away AFAR
Mistreatment ABUSE
Mystical glow AURA
Not a copy: Abbr ORIG
Omelet ingredient EGG
Payday extra BONUS
Puppy or parrot PET
Relaxed running pace TROT
Sammy __ Jr DAVIS
Savor an experience TAKEITIN
School support grp PTA
Scratch or dent MAR
Semester-ending exam FINAL
Size up again REASSESS
Slighty wet DAMP
Spanish bull TORO
Speak unclearly SLUR
Spiral HELIX
Supermarket section with slicers DELI
Swim-meet assignment LANE
Temporary shelter TENT
Thorn in one's side BANE
Toddler's word MAMA
Veal or pork MEAT
Viking explorer ERIC
Wear away ERODE
Went to the polls VOTED
Western alliance NATO
Where CHIPs are thrown on a table POKERGAME
With a CHIP on one's shoulder COMBATIVE
With a spherical roof DOMED
__ salad sandwich TUNA