- Sep 26 2017

Clues Answers
''Humble'' home ABODE
''Quite contrary'' girl of rhyme MARY
''Steady as __ goes'' SHE
''We've been approved'' ITSAGO
A Great Lake ERIE
Allow LET
Apple tablet computers IPADS
Approximately ABOUT
Base-clearing hit HOMER
Border of a cup RIM
Canine, slangily POOCH
Capital of Norway OSLO
Checked the ID of CARDED
Clear a blackboard ERASE
Color of lettuce GREEN
Concludes ENDS
Cooking appliance RANGE
Covered with suds SOAPY
Dad's boys SONS
Entice LURE
Eve's third child SETH
Everest or Rushmore MOUNT
Facilitates EASES
Fall __ (break into pieces) APARTATTHESEAMS
Fall __ (get delayed) BEHINDSCHEDULE
Fall __ (make an embarrassing error) FLATONONESFACE
Fill fully, as a gas tank TOPUP
Flavor enhancer letters MSG
Great Salt Lake state UTAH
Horse-stopping shout WHOA
In good __ (physically fit) SHAPE
Informal eateries CAFES
Land measure ACRE
Largest continent ASIA
Layer of paint COAT
Look at SEE
Low-calorie, on labels LITE
Metallic rock ORE
Milwaukee's state: Abbr WISC
Clues Answers
Mix with a spoon STIR
Motorcyclists BIKERS
Native American tent TEPEE
Neighborhood AREA
Not squishy, as a mattress FIRM
Out of bounds, in baseball FOUL
Outer boundary EDGE
Period after sunset NIGHT
Peruse READ
Pigpens STIES
Play a trick on DUPE
Potato, informally SPUD
Privileged group ELITE
Pumpernickels and ryes BREADS
Pungent burger topping ONION
Red cosmetic ROUGE
Religious group SECT
Row on a wall calendar WEEK
San Antonio attraction ALAMO
Sandwich shop DELI
Secret agent SPY
Settled a debt PAID
Short memo NOTE
Short snoozes NAPS
Singers in a quartet FOUR
Skin opening PORE
Small rugs MATS
Small-minded PETTY
Snooty person SNOB
Soreness from overexertion ACHE
Sudden burst of electricity SURGE
Suffix meaning ''resident'' ITE
The latest events NEWS
Tot's hand warmer MITTEN
Toward sunrise EAST
Walk wearily PLOD
Word-of-mouth ORAL
Wrinkle-removing appliance IRON