Canadiana - Sep 25 2017

Clues Answers
Actress Lillie, familiarly BEA
Agents, slangily REPS
Ancient ointment NARD
Blithe GAY
Blood groups ABS
Caviar ROE
Cheese genre FETA
Devours EATS
Disparage, slangily DIS
Distress WOE
Dormouse LOIR
Drain pipes SEWERS
Ecru TAN
Electronics giant SONY
Foundation garments BRAS
Geologic period ERA
Graven image IDOL
Hebrew calendar month ADAR
Hill dwellers? ANTS
Impertinent SASSY
Japanese capital city EDO
Japanese sash OBI
Lamprey EEL
Leg bone SHIN
Male offspring SON
Merriment FUN
Middle eastern person ARAB
Mine entrance ADIT
Most loyal TRUEST
Mowat's _____the Killing AWHALEFOR
Clues Answers
Mowat's And no Birds_____ SANG
Mowat's Lost in The_____ BARRENS
Mowat's People of The____ DEER
Mowat's Sea of _____ SLAUGHTER
Mowat's The ____ People DESPERATE
Mowat's The ____Walker SNOW
Mowat's The _____ SIBERIANS
Mowat's ___ Under GREYSEAS
Naval affirmative AYE
Of the mouth ORA
Ogled EYED
Old world buffalo ANOA
Oversee TEND
Pecuniary obligation DEBT
Rejoinder REPLY
Religious belief FAITH
Road tar ASPHALT
Run down , in a way SEEDY
Snatch NAB
Snooker items CUES
Soak, as flax RET
Summer, in St. Foy ETE
Sun god SOL
Thai monetary unit BAHT
Thus far YET
Tooth Drs DDS
Vexation SNIT
Yokel RUBE
____ noir BETE