Wall Street Journal - Sep 23 2017 - Unnewsworthy

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Clues Answers
'But the night is still young!' SOSOON
'Como ___?' ESTA
'Dirty Jobs' host Mike ROWE
'I'm standing right here' AHEM
'My boy...' SON
'Now I've got it!' AHA
'The enemy ___ the gate' ISAT
'What'd I ever ___ you?' DOTO
'You ___ fooling anyone!' ARENT
'___ wish...' (Oscar Mayer jingle beginning) OHI
...about a barfly? ALCOHOLICDRINKS
...about a dominatrix? MASTERCONTROLS
...about a Don Juan? ROMANTICDATES
...about a military officer? GENERALORDERS
...about a teacher? ACADEMICGRADES
...about a woodworker? ARTISANCRAFTS
19 British prime ministers as of now ETONIANS
92 and 53 for U and I ATNOS
Accessory that might attract bees LEI
Adam and Eve were his grandparents ENOS
Attend without paying, perhaps SNEAKIN
Band that disbanded in 2011 REM
Battle cry? MEDIC
Bears HAS
Better defined SHARPER
Bonny belle LASS
Broadband choice DSL
Busy time on la Cote d'Azur ETE
Cantonese cooker WOK
Caret's key SIX
Chicken's lack CONFIDENCE
Cobbler's cousin PIE
Colleague of Neil and Clarence ELENA
Columbus in NYC, e.g CIR
Crackers LOCO
Daughters of Mnemosyne MUSES
Delight to the max ELATE
Discordant, archaically ABSONANT
Doesn't guzzle SIPS
Drying rack AIRER
Early leads HEADSTARTS
Enjoying a massage, maybe AAHING
Flight specialists? COWARDS
Fluctuating rapidly SEESAWING
Frank's wife before Mia AVA
Gila River Arena pro COYOTE
Hardly engaging HOHUM
Helicopter inventor, it's said DAVINCI
Homophone of 37-Across EKE
Hosp. hookups IVS
Includes on the reply mail CCS
Inner tubes? ARTERIES
Irascible TESTY
Isengard's destroyers ENTS
Isn't ephemeral LASTS
Its flag bears a Masai shield KENYA
Job posting abbr EOE
Knighted photographer Cecil BEATON
Like many smaller golf courses NINEHOLE
Like MorningStar Farms burgers MEATLESS
Like some glassware STEMLESS
Little Richard's birthplace MACON
Magazine pagefuls ADS
Meandered ROVED
Mets shortstop Amed ROSARIO
Michael of 'Juno' CERA
Nerf weapons DARTGUNS
Clues Answers
Never, to Nietzsche NIE
NPR's Shapiro ARI
Numbskull ASS
Oddballs KOOKS
One may be roasted HONOREE
One might be insured by the FDIC IRA
One might be topped with queso blanco TACO
Open like a kid on Christmas morning TEARINTO
Piece that's in pieces MOSAIC
Pigged out ATEALOT
Play girl? ACTRESS
Plumbing problems DRIPS
Priest's advice ATONE
Pro ___ TEM
Pro ___ RATA
Product created by a North Carolina pharmacist PEPSI
Productivity measure MANHOUR
Reaction to a spider EEK
Record holders, of a sort LEDGERS
Ring roll BAGEL
Rio area that means 'stinky lake' in Tupi IPANEMA
Sault ___ Marie STE
Scottish singer Boyle SUSAN
Season opener SOLSTICE
Self-evident headline...about a cat burglar? CRIMINALCASES
Self-sacrificing sort ALTRUIST
Sequel that was the top-selling video game of 2007 HALOTHREE
Shift letters PRNDL
Shipping channel SEALANE
Shoe designer Jimmy CHOO
Shook on, say AGREEDTO
Shot in the dark STAB
Show courtesy to, as a judge RISEFOR
Sleep lab study APNEA
Small incision SLIT
Sorry state WOE
Sporty Camaro model IROC
Spot for a sand wedge TRAP
Spouses of some countesses EARLS
Spray-painter's aid STENCIL
Star on the mound ACE
Stereo input abbr AUX
Store across from Rockefeller Center SAKS
Successful folks get them RESULTS
Sugary suffix OSE
Surrounded by baying hounds, perhaps TREED
Syst. in which the dyne is the standard unit of force CGS
Testimony prelude OATH
The one who got away ESCAPEE
They take things into account ATMS
They, in Calais ILS
Turn black CHAR
TV toon with an 18-letter surname APU
Unappreciative sort INGRATE
Uncut PURE
UPS rival DHL
VA hospital concern PTSD
Victoria's Secret competitor AERIE
Villainous laughs HEHHEHS
Wheel tender SAJAK
Where 'Cast Away' was filmed FIJI
Where Anna Leonowens taught SIAM
Where it's at? SITE
White wader EGRET
Words to begin an impromptu race ANDGO
Writers O'Brien and Ferber EDNAS
You can see the White House on one TWENTY
You can't do it with one hand CLAP