- Sep 22 2017

Clues Answers
''A real shame!'' HOWSAD
''Doctor Who'' airer BBC
''I'm sure too'' NODOUBT
1970 Australian Open champ ASHE
Argentine grassland LLANO
Bestow by decree AWARD
Brief promo piece BLURB
Cameo stone OPAL
Caustic cleaner LYE
Circular flow EDDY
Cologne complaint ACH
Connecticut collegian ELI
Creator of Shrek STEIG
Devitalize SAP
Dr. Watson's claim to fame DNA
Driller's designation DDS
Ecclesiastical laws CANON
Effective combination THEOLDONETWO
Elastane brand LYCRA
Emulating ALA
Evenly matched EQUAL
Expansive residence ESTATE
Factions of a faith SECTS
Followed closely, in whodunits TAILED
Food favored by Garfield LASAGNA
Frat letter ETA
French royal house CAPET
Gauchos' gear BOLAS
Get some air BREATHE
Gets up STIRS
Haul from behind TOW
Increasingly MORE
Is fashionable no longer HASHADITSDAY
Jazz band section SAXES
Jokey quote QUIP
Jonathan Pryce, in a '96 musical PERON
Laudatory lines ODE
Letters on $1,000+ handbags YSL
Major ''source'' of quotes, for short ANON
Clues Answers
Major source of Bartlett's quotes BIBLE
Make do without SPARE
Metropolitan URBAN
Mississippi Delta feature BAYOU
Mo. with no major holidays AUG
Most-wanted group ALIST
Muscular BURLY
Now up AWAKE
Número minúsculo UNO
Oscar winner as Cohan CAGNEY
Pair of harmonizers DUO
Part of a Santa suit REDHAT
Place for dramatic exposition ACTI
Pop in on SEE
Port of Yemen ADEN
Program for Citadel students ROTC
Pseudonym lead-in ALIAS
Rapper's aides POSSE
Rubs the wrong way IRKS
Slack off EBB
Small water bird COOT
Sort of day break NAP
Speak affectionately COO
Stable staple OATS
Stir-fry chicken dish MOOGOOGAIPAN
Stubborn Seuss character ZAX
Sunday brunch deal, perhaps ALLYOUCANEAT
Superhero's doings DEEDS
Swimming pool adjunct SLIDE
The Mississippi's source ITASCA
Tree with beanlike pods CATALPA
Turn out to be worthwhile PAY
Unkind comment BARB
Vacationing AWAY
Vegged out LAZED
Verizon client since 2015 AOLER
Western ''oui'' YUP
Whole load TON
Word that sounds like a Brontë heroine ERE