Universal - Sep 21 2017

Clues Answers
"... pan, ___ the fire" INTO
"Against" prefix ANTI
"Farewell, my French friend" ADIEU
"Love" or "for" attachment LORN
"Tear" companion WEAR
"___ Christie" ANNA
"___ have to do" ITLL
Acquired a new roomer RELET
Advil rival ALEVE
Archaic attachment to "while" ERST
Ark builder NOAH
Arthur the tennis legend ASHE
Beast's love BELLE
Behind schedule LATE
Bridle strap REIN
Brought back by the P.O RETD
Clog dissolver LYE
Constricting snakes BOAS
Continental cash EURO
Coward who told stories NOEL
Crew equipment OAR
Data, briefly INFO
Deftness EASE
Drummer's responsibility BEAT
Emulates Simon SAYS
Eye part UVEA
Furnace attachment, sometimes STEAMPIPE
Half a score TEN
Hamburg's river ELBE
Hearty mate? HALE
Impassive STOIC
Jackson 5 member TITO
Kid, as oneself DELUDE
LaBeouf of Hollywood SHIA
Light spray MIST
Like electric toys for tabbies? CATTERYOPERATED
Clues Answers
Like swords BLADED
Made colder, in a way ICED
Made up one's mind OPTED
Marquee name STAR
Mature AGE
Monthly payment for many RENT
Narrow TAPER
Not quite eternity EONS
Ocean structure PIER
Offered one's seat STOOD
Old gold coin DUCAT
Parking place SPOT
Performed over REDID
Permit access to LETIN
Pert talk SASS
Picket-line crosser SCAB
Pleasing to the taste buds PALATABLE
Post-housekeeping NEAT
Regarding birth NATAL
Relieve, as anxiety ALLAY
Result of tabby playing with a rattler and some steers? CATTLESNAKEBITE
Scorch SEAR
Seaport in northwestern Italy GENOA
Seed covers ARILS
Slender LEAN
Steeler Roethlisberger BEN
Strauss of jeans LEVI
Successfully hide from EVADE
Suggest on the sly INSINUATE
Thrown-ball trajectories ARCS
Updates on current events NEWS
Vane direction EAST
Vivacity BRIO
What a church feeding stray felines led to? CATSINTHEBELFRY
When repeated, "Amen!" HEAR
William Tell's target APPLE
Wine-growing part of Italy ASTI
Wins a fight decisively KOS