The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 923

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Clues Answers
A lord, me? What might that become for me? EARLDOM
Be nosy about indecent priggishness PRUDERY
Be unsuccessful gripping line for flatfish FLOUNDER
Beat section of totem pole TEMPO
Carry top of the range ammunition CARTRIDGE
Catwalk artist is large on style MODEL
Celestial visitor has to arrive on time COMET
Chanted song over a drink in Spain SANGRIA
Character of German city with empty centre ESSENCE
Character of the lower Nile DELTA
Current score is high before end of play TALLY
Damage article with fly getting in almond paste MARZIPAN
Detail which should decide a contested election RECOUNT
Clues Answers
Former partner, thoughtful and dear EXPENSIVE
Get thicker senator holding argument STIFFEN
Hormone abuse is not ending at home INSULIN
Lacking courage, I’m one hiding in study regularly TIMID
Make changes to turn ale pale in colour NEUTRAL
Old costume, a male one in Japanese art ORIGAMI
Refuse to come down DECLINE
River running across road makes one late TARDY
Runs are not easy to come by RARE
Sampan raid has destroyed invasion fleet spanish armada
Seaside attraction ripe for redevelopment PIER
Wall painting left on a strange backing MURAL