The Telegraph - QUICK CROSSWORD NO: 28,535 - Sep 18 2017

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Clues Answers
Animal doctor VET
Artificial ERSATZ
Bestow ENDOW
Bethlehem visitors WISEMEN
Blossom FLOWER
Chest bone RIB
Consume EAT
Defer dip (anag.) DRIPFEED
Extensively evolved Welldeveloped
Fifty-fifty EVENS
First musical note DOH
Foot-lever TREADLE
Greek Z ZETA
Ground wheat FLOUR
Clues Answers
Inconvenienced TROUBLED
Investor SAVER
Lazily IDLY
Of the country RURAL
Over there YONDER
Parade ground drill SQUAREBASHING
Percussion instrument DRUM
Poison TOXIN
Ruby RED
Scottish grub HAGGIS
Senior ELDER
Stand-in doctor LOCUM
Steered (boat) COXED
Uncooked RAW
Wide boy SPIV