The Washington Post - Oct 14 2017

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Clues Answers
'Born on the Bayou' band, briefly CCR
'Finish the job!' DOIT
'Handsome, clever, and rich' Austen character EMMA
'Portlandia' airer IFC
'S' on an invitation SIL
'You peeked!' NOFAIR
1988 noir remake DOA
2017 Dolly portrayer on Broadway BETTE
Arrogant manner, slangily TUDE
Backwoods preposition FER
Barely caught GLIMPSED
Barracks VIP NCO
Beliefs ISMS
Betamax player VCR
Burned with steam SCALDED
Certain baron LANDHOLDER
Chinese military gp PLA
Classroom fixture DESK
Combined MELDED
Commercial name abbr CORP
Coppers FIVEO
Cry at the craps table COMETOPAPA
Decrees DICTA
Enhance, as a résumé PAD
Experience for Marty McFly TIMETRAVEL
Finally give CAVE
Food or water NEED
Gather INFER
Get by ELUDE
Get to IRK
Hat for Indiana Jones FEDORA
Heaven-__ SENT
Clues Answers
Helped make a bed HOED
It's tuned an octave higher than a cello VIOLA
King or queen BED
King's value, at times TEN
Likely to skid BALD
Mark's replacement EURO
Martha Kent portrayer in recent Superman films DIANELANE
Mole-like mammal SHREW
Offer a libation (for) POURONEOUT
Pen name that sounds like a drink SAKI
Pioneer in portable music SONY
Pipe in a song COB
Polar explorer's concern FLOE
Pot without speed SLOWCOOKER
Premium movie channel that dropped its '!' in 2005 STARZ
President leaving office, perhaps ENDOFANERA
Redden, say DYE
Samoa or Caramel deLite GIRLSCOUTCOOKIE
Sch. period SEM
Serious transgression, in Catholicism MORTALSIN
Some sweaters WOOLS
Sometime substitute for bread crumbs CORNFLAKES
Top medalla ORO
Totally INALL
Tournament format OPEN
U.S. dept. with a bolt on its seal ENER
Unable to continue ATADEADEND
Unconcealed enmity NOLOVELOST
Vehicle-sharing company ZIPCAR
Venerated symbol TOTEM
Venus is in it: Abbr WTA
William Tell Monument city ALTDORF
__ bar WET