The Washington Post - Sep 25 2017

Clues Answers
'Almost Christmas' actor Omar EPPS
'Beetle Bailey' dog OTTO
'Don't sweat it' THATSOK
'Is that your __?': 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' inquiry FINALANSWER
'See ya, Luigi' CIAO
'Viva __ Vegas' LAS
'Yay me!' TADA
'__ la Douce' IRMA
'__ you kidding?' ARE
Acct. earnings INT
Actress Sevigny CHLOE
Akron's state OHIO
All wound up TENSE
Alumna bio word NEE
Amazon : Alexa :: Apple : __ SIRI
Annual golf or tennis tournament USOPEN
Arrest NAB
Belgrade natives SERBS
Bills in a tip jar ONES
Bird on birth announcements STORK
Blender brand with an -izer product suffix OSTER
Board in a window shutter SLAT
Broke a fast ATE
Canyon feedback ECHO
Classroom 'I know this one!' OHOH
Coke or ginger ale SODA
Colorful burger topper PURPLEONION
Concert venue ARENA
Courteous fellow GENT
Director Spike LEE
Diva's solo ARIA
Evita's married name PERON
Fair-hiring abbr EEO
Family boys SONS
Flower wreath LEI
González in 2000 headlines ELIAN
Greek 'i' IOTA
Hostile place ... and where to find the circled animals in this puzzle LIONSDEN
In the distance FAR
Clues Answers
Library return spot BOOKDROP
Malia Obama's sister SASHA
Monopoly cards DEEDS
Moral wrong SIN
Museum guides DOCENTS
Muslim denomination SHIA
Nick of 'A Walk in the Woods' NOLTE
Novelist C.S. __ LEWIS
Omelet cooker PAN
Party thrower HOST
Practical joke GAG
Psychologist Alfred ADLER
Punch-in-the-gut reaction OOF
Quaint light during a power outage GASLANTERN
Remove sheets from, as a bed STRIP
Repeated mindlessly PARROTED
Request for eye contact LOOKATME
Rotary phone part DIAL
Salad go-with SOUP
Sandwich chain known for artisan bread PANERA
Seasoned rice dish PILAF
Second longest African river CONGO
Secure places for guests' valuables HOTELSAFES
Shade tree ELM
Spam container TIN
Sports inst. in Cooperstown HOF
Start of a formal letter DEARSIR
Stuff for Frosty's eyes COAL
Surg. facilities ORS
The 'I' in MIT: Abbr INST
Thick cut of meat SLAB
Time-tested AGEOLD
Tiny time meas PSEC
Touch of color TINCT
Unavailable at the moment INUSE
Utterly detest LOATHE
Weather numbers, briefly TEMPS
__ up with: tolerate PUT
__-dried tomatoes SUN