Universal - Sep 17 2017

Clues Answers
"For goodness ___!" SAKES
"The Grapes of Wrath" migrant OKIE
"The Greatest" of boxing ALI
"___ words cannot express ..." MERE
"___ you a cutie?" ARENT
A bit at a time PIECEMEAL
Actor Arkin ALAN
Alternate during gameplay TAKETURNS
Annoy or attack continually BESET
Apology word SORRY
Baseball offic UMP
Before ERE
Biblical one of 150 PSALM
Bit of broccoli SPEAR
Boil ahead of time, e.g PRECOOK
Bridge positions EASTS
Certain geometry calculation AREA
Certain semiaquatic salamander NEWT
City crushed by Godzilla TOKYO
Colossal EPIC
Column type IONIC
Common Mkt. letters, once EEC
Cookbook author Rombauer IRMA
Corn bit in a bowl FLAKE
Cowboy competition RODEO
Deal maker AGENT
Earthquake's shake TREMOR
Egyptian river NILE
Express one's disapproval OBJECT
Far from cordial ICY
Give the boot OUST
Hair application GEL
Hawk's habitation AERIE
Hunt after CHASE
Initially ATFIRST
Clues Answers
It can put you in your place LEASE
Like barely cooked steak RARE
Luggage lugger PORTER
MacFarlane or Green SETH
McNally with the maps RAND
Module UNIT
Money from a bank heist LOOT
More sick ILLER
Not be selfish SHARE
Not big LITTLE
Not we or us THEY
Old anesthetic ETHER
Old Italian money LIRE
Old-timey "alas" partner ALACK
Parents of Jesus MARYANDJOSEPH
Perjurer LIAR
Person with dark-brown hair (var.) BRUNET
Played a part ACTED
Poems of tribute ODES
Prefix with "agreed" DIS
Proofreader's note STET
Puppeteer Lewis SHARI
Put on a scale of 1 to 5, e.g RATE
Relating to the ear OTIC
Residence for a clergyman MANSE
Servings at a soiree WINEANDCHEESE
Sharp mountain ridges ARETES
Sir Guinness ALEC
Sketched DREW
Snatch GRAB
Some places to get massages SPAS
Spokes RADII
State categorically ASSERT
The four Warners BROS
Type of coronary procedure BYPASS
Warning from a dog GROWL
Written debt acknowledgment IOU