Universal - Sep 16 2017

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Clues Answers
"101" class, briefly INTRO
"The Wizard of Oz" city EMERALD
"Ultimate" degree NTH
"You got that right!" ILLSAY
"___ hear this!" NOW
A in physics? AMPERE
Acidic liquid used in cooking WINEVINEGAR
After-dinner freebies MINTS
American lilies SEGOS
Anchor hoister-upper DAVIT
Beetle amulet of old Egypt SCARAB
Brno's area MORAVIA
Certain criminal FELON
Certain laundry room container LINENBASKET
Certain water lily LOTUS
Cruz or Danson TED
Delivered a sales pitch SPIELED
Eclipse or black cat, to some OMEN
Election VIP VOTER
Female Bobbsey twin NAN
From scratch ANEW
Heart chambers ATRIA
In a very spooky manner EERILY
Indian bills RUPEES
Insect stage IMAGO
It's seen in anger? RED
Italian soups MINESTRONES
Japanese carp KOI
Japanese waist sash OBI
Joins, as oxen YOKES
Kenya neighbor UGANDA
Lacking color ASHEN
Light-colored dry sherry FINO
Like an active quarterback, at times PASSER
Like really good leather FINEGRAINED
Long time EON
Clues Answers
Male offspring SONS
More crumbly and dry MEALIER
More desperately in need of rainfall ARIDER
Nominators, essentially NAMERS
Not high LOW
Not in one's right mind MAD
Not just decorative USEFUL
Not just tubby OBESE
One of two in a score TEN
Parts of eyes UVEAS
Peppy musical piano piece RAG
Person presenting a key to the city MAYOR
Person receiving counseling ADVISEE
Poetic form ODE
Regard with deep devotion ADORE
Revamp or revise ALTER
Roll out, as a flag UNFURL
Search with a divining rod DOWSE
Sierra ___ (Freetown locale) LEONE
Singles ONES
Slowly crumble away ERODE
Some tusked creatures BOARS
Sorrowful lament PLAINT
Spread sunshine ELATE
Springfield-to-St. Louis dir ENE
Summery fabrics VOILES
Thataway relative YON
The 100,000 in a newton DYNES
Third canonical hour TERCE
Toweled off DRIED
Underlying cause REASON
Venue for deep discussion FORUM
Was willing to WOULD
Wedding words IDO
Worst possible party turnout NOONE
___ noire (fear causer) BETE
___ Peak, Colorado PIKES