Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Sep 23 2017

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Clues Answers
' Fiction' PULP
' the ramparts ...' OER
'Dallas' star Larry HAGMAN
'Eureka!' AHA
'Rah!' YAY
'So be it' AMEN
'So long!' BYENOW
Acknowledge AVOW
Away from SSW NNE
Baltic Sea feeder ODER
Bashful SHY
Beauty parlor SALON
Bit of butter PAT
Bongo, for one DRUM
Brilliance ECLAT
Bring up REAR
Cistern VAT
Common seasonings SALTANDPEPPER
Composer Porter COLE
Diego SAN
Diving duck SMEW
Energizer mascot BUNNY
Exile isle ELBA
Feeling down SAD
Franc replacer EURO
Gator's kin CROC
Go astray SIN
Grow weary TIRE
Havana's land CUBA
Heavy weight TON
Henning or Flutie DOUG
Clues Answers
Hidden valley GLEN
Hog haven STY
Lusty look LEER
Mafia boss DON
Melody AIR
Milne bruin POOH
Modern taxi alternative UBER
Mouse chaser CAT
Multipurpose truck UTE
Necklace ornament PENDANT
NFL six-pointers TDS
Nile queen, familiarly CLEO
Nonclerical LAY
Oboe insert REED
Piggy bank fillers PENNIES
Read quickly SCAN
Rival rival ALPO
Samples of wordplay PUNS
Sheepish remark BAA
Sicilian spouter ETNA
Slugger's stat RBI
Snip CUT
Spring meltdown THAW
Standard NORM
Summit ACME
Tehran's country IRAN
Tempest STORM
Transpire OCCUR
Unoriginal one APER
Wager BET
Wd. division SYL
Wolf Blitzer's channel CNN