The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 930 - Sep 10 2017

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Clues Answers
'S'pity', slurred under the influence! TIPSY
Aid helpers to develop direction LEADERSHIP
Argue for examination PROTEST
Be an alien consuming elevenses? EXIST
Conservative leader, politician needing external cover from PC COMPUTER
Devising team, initially for a clever code-breaker MANUFACTURING
Eliot embraces composer's passages TRAVELS
Fauna and flora finally killed reversing over motorway ANIMALS
Figure standing right away STATUE
I help Northern Ireland rise INDIA
Immunity from the next poem I compose EXEMPTION
Is it wrong best leaders are deposed as the most powerful? STRONGEST
Most unbelievable to be wholly involved in trial TALLEST
Ran off to get key copied ESCAPED
Reader of the Sun standing outside church SCHOLAR
Clues Answers
Required to be moved — in the wrong aisle! ESSENTIAL
Rush around Deep South SPEED
Scoot along in a car BEETLE
Shocked as naughty nun is hugged by Saint Edward STUNNED
Space for keeping silver in shop STORAGE
Spoil gutted fish in Paris POISON
Stand in as secret is out RESISTANCE
Subdue work by journalists OPPRESS
Tamper with us struggling against the current UPSTREAM
Transport head of the A-team TAXI
Tuck right into finish CREASE
Unaware of having somewhat made a fuss DEAF
Watching old boy waiting on tables OBSERVING
Ways to confuse testers STREETS