- Sep 10 2017

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Clues Answers
''Count me in'' YESLETS
''Hannah and Her Sisters'' Oscar winner WIEST
''Horrors!'' OHNO
''Return of the Jedi'' rescuee HAN
''Rigoletto'' composer VERDI
11- or 12-year-old TWEEN
687 days, on Mars YEAR
Actor Rogen SETH
Amount to pay PRICE
Angelina Jolie __ VOIGHT
Apt rhyme for ''pedal'' TREADLE
Argued a case PLED
Art Deco artist ERTE
Assaults the nose REEKS
Assumed identity ALIAS
Attempt, informally FLING
Atticus Finch creator LEE
Ballet bends PLIES
Be a mentor TEACH
Bewilder STUN
Big celebrations FETES
Big name at Epcot WALT
Bring into harmony SYNC
Canterbury's county KENT
Car style SEDAN
Collaborative effort TEAMWORK
Con artist SWINDLER
December songs NOELS
Display of affection KISS
Diversionary device DECOY
Done, in Dunkirk FINI
Door hardware HINGE
Dress specification PETITE
Dubious data FACTOIDS
Dull gray SMOKY
Erode EAT
Fashion designer Lagerfeld KARL
Foolish one NINNY
Form of oxygen OZONE
Free-mailing privilege FRANKING
French diarist NIN
Governing body BOARD
Greek ''father of tragedy'' AESCHYLUS
Had one's say SPOKE
Heartfelt POIGNANT
Heckle TEASE
High-ranking noblemen EARLS
Hinge (on) RELY
Hope for WANT
Hourly pay WAGE
Hula accompaniments UKES
In a caustic way TRENCHANTLY
In need of a scrubbing GRIMY
In the worst way BADLY
Insincere FALSE
Irish New Age singer ENYA
Isn't quite vertical LEANS
It's a shore thing SURF
It's a shore thing SPRAY
Jackie Robinson's college UCLA
Jollity GLEE
Katydid or cricket GRASSHOPPER
Knife with a spring SWITCHBLADE
Large corn holder SILO
Largest Greek island CRETE
Law of elasticity discoverer HOOKE
Lecture location HALL
Long baths SOAKS
Minimally ALITTLE
Minor adjustment TWEAK
Clues Answers
Mosque leader IMAM
Move it RUSH
Muscle spasm TWITCH
Mythical giants TITANS
Narrow lowland GLEN
NFC West pro LARAM
No philanthropist MISER
Nobel, by birth SWEDE
Of sound SONIC
Old stove fuel COAL
Opposing force ENEMY
Opposite of ''o'er'' NEATH
Overly proper PRISSY
Overpublicized HYPED
Overture follower ACTI
Pennsylvania range ALLEGHENIES
Permanently FORKEEPS
Personality facet TRAIT
Pesters persistently NAGS
Physically fit HALE
Picketing, perhaps ONSTRIKE
Pied-__ (second home) ATERRE
Pilot's affirmative IREADYOU
Podded veggie OKRA
Poet Pound EZRA
Poetic preposition ERE
Poodles and pugs DOGS
Poor grade DEE
Precept TENET
Pro __ (gratis) BONO
Psychic ability ESP
Puzzle's alternate title THEMIDDLEHS
Respectful address SIR
Righteous MORAL
Ripken of Cooperstown CAL
Rub dry WIPE
Safety-glass products WINDSHIELDS
Second chance for a field goal REKICK
Security badge IDTAG
Seems to be FEELS
Sets as a price ASKS
Sherwood Forest figure FRIAR
Snobbery, so to speak AIRS
Somewhat crooked ASKEW
Supermarket department DELI
Supernaturally strange EERIE
Teeming (with) AWASH
That: Sp ESO
Tom Sawyer's aunt POLLY
Track lines: Abbr RRS
Twilight DUSK
Two-masted sailboats YAWLS
Type of pyramid TETRAHEDRON
UN member, 1945-1991 USSR
Under oath SWORN
Undesirable software message ERROR
Unemotional STONY
Unwrinkled, in brand names PREST
Utah claim to fame SALTLAKE
Vantage point PERCH
Verb in the first telegraph message HATH
Was the leader of SPEARHEADED
Wasn't demanding WENTEASY
Winery supplies CORKS
Work on a strategy PLAN
Wright brothers' home DAYTON
__ a little (quite a bit) NOT
__ apart (highly divergent) POLES
__ butter (moisturizer) SHEA
__ Khan (Kipling tiger) SHERE