USA Today - Sep 8 2017

Clues Answers
"Commando" star ___ Dawn Chong RAE
"Cosmos" author Carl SAGAN
"You got that right!" AMEN
"___ we there yet?" ARE
1970s fad gift PETROCK
500 site, briefly INDY
Any fellow NATO member ALLY
Arthur with a stadium named for him ASHE
Ballet finale, e.g CODA
Barely defeat EDGE
Batiking supplies DYES
Boardroom VIP CEO
Ceramic unit TILE
Change, as decor REDO
Cockpit fig ALT
Companion of gloom DOOM
Corrupt, as test results SKEW
D-Day invasion site NORMANDY
Dart players' drinks ALES
DDT-banning org EPA
Evidence of decay ODOR
Eye salaciously OGLE
Finalized, as plans FIRMEDUP
Flock female EWE
Foe of Balboa, in "Rocky" CREED
Foe of the Three Little Pigs WOLF
Gallery fundraiser ARTSALE
Goes nowhere STAYS
Goldie of "The First Wives Club" HAWN
Gulp from a flask SWIG
Happy or Sleepy DWARF
Home run king Barry BONDS
In a poor way ILLY
Knowledgeable sorts MAVENS
Lamb's pseudonym ELIA
Left dreamland WOKE
Lift-ticket purchaser SKIER
Light, mild cigar CLARO
Like a comedian, hopefully FUNNY
Clues Answers
Like a doily LACY
Lincoln-Douglas confrontation DEBATE
Machine used in pier construction PILEDRIVER
Met highlight ARIA
Move with a mouse, perhaps SCROLL
Much the same ALIKE
Nadir's opposite ACME
Neckwear for Frosty SCARF
Occupies the throne REIGNS
Off one's rocker LOONY
Off-white shade ECRU
Old Nick SATAN
One with power HEAVYHITTER
Opening day pitcher, usually ACE
Org. that saves strays ASPCA
Parti-colored PIED
Prefix with tarsal or physical META
Protruding navel OUTIE
Rap-sheet blemish PRIOR
Serf of Sparta HELOT
Sets of shoes PAIRS
Sinclair who wrote "The Jungle" UPTON
Skull session nugget IDEA
Solid geometry calculation SURFACEAREA
Sparkling wine, informally ASTI
Supports via Kickstarter FUNDS
Surfer's destination, briefly URL
Things swiped at pumps GASCARDS
Tiny songbird WREN
Trees with oval leaves ELMS
Usain, the world's fastest human BOLT
Visited a bloodmobile GAVE
Willliam Tell's canton URI
Women in habits NUNS
Word after fast or junk FOOD
Word that can precede the last parts of 17-Across and 10- and 25-Down DESIGNATED
Young fella KIDDO
Zero percent ___ financing APR