Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Sep 15 2017

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Clues Answers
' Lang Syne' AULD
'Be quiet!' HUSH
'May It Be' singer ENYA
'Wham!' POW
Actress Russo RENE
Altar vow IDO
Apple tablets IPADS
Arizona city TEMPE
Batter's ploy BUNT
Biden and Pence VEEPS
Bikini half BRA
Body powder TALC
Bront heroine EYRE
Central part MIDST
Cleaning cloth RAG
Contented sound AAH
Copter blade ROTOR
Cruising ASEA
Crunchy party snack CORNCHIP
Cupid's specialty AMOR
Doctrines ISMS
Encounters MEETS
Eve's grandson ENOS
Evening, in an ad NITE
Exist ARE
Flightless birds EMUS
Floor cleaners MOPS
Frogs' hangout POND
Funny Fey TINA
Furry foot PAW
Golf stroke CHIPSHOT
Harangue RANT
Clues Answers
Hosp. scans MRIS
Hostels INNS
Hot tubs SPAS
Leary's drug LSD
Legendary loch NESS
Like slasher films GORY
Lupino of film IDA
Lyra's brightest star VEGA
Macbeth's title THANE
Monaco's ruling family GRIMALDI
Nuisance PEST
Pantry pests ANTS
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
PC linking system LAN
Porgy's love BESS
Port of Algeria ORAN
Privation HARDSHIP
Radio host Don IMUS
Rainbow IRIS
Request ASK
Rowing tool OAR
Silver salmon COHO
Sinbad's bird ROC
Sister NUN
Slightly ATAD
Smidgens IOTAS
Squirrel's kin CHIPMUNK
Stock type BLUECHIP
Tropical fruit PAPAYA
TV host Kelly RIPA
Uncategorized (Abbr.) MISC
Without a contract ONSPEC