Wall Street Journal - Sep 7 2017 - e-Mobility

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Clues Answers
Add insult to injury RUBITIN
Additionally ALSO
Alejandro's eyes OJOS
Banana without a peel? BAREFRUIT
Beats Music VIP DRE
Beehive, e.g UPDO
Big pistachio producer IRAN
Bourne's former employer CIA
CEO's degree MBA
Challenge St. Nick to go down a chimney? DARESANTA
Cheer for a charge OLE
Chilling EERIE
Chum PAL
Creole staple OKRA
Croquet and badminton? TAMESPORTS
Crossed one's fingers HOPED
David, for one PSALMIST
Deliberately hurts SPITES
Designer of Doha's Museum of Islamic Art IMPEI
Despise greetings from the queen? HATEWAVES
Discombobulated ATSEA
Dribble catcher BIB
Fairground enclosure STY
Fine-tune ADJUST
First choice word? EENIE
Follows strictly KEEPSTO
Free of coarseness SIFT
Furtive look PEEK
Gillian Jacobs's 'Community' character BRITTA
Gospel singer Winans CECE
Harrison mate STARR
It can drip or drop ICICLE
Item with an airplane mode IPHONE
Jack's predecessor IKE
Klutzy move TRIP
Like many D&D players NERDY
Like some larcenies PETIT
Clues Answers
Links legend Sam SNEAD
Louis le Grand, par exemple ROI
Make ___ in (reduce somewhat) ADENT
Middle-earth's Azog, e.g ORC
Military command center, for short OPS
National League RBI leader in 1934 OTT
Neophyte, in Internet gaming lingo NOOB
Orders at the diner HAS
Paris's Pont ___ Invalides DES
Perform some pruning? PARETREES
Place LIEU
Plays in the street BUSKS
Poetic 'fowl whose fiery eyes now burned into my bosom's core' RAVEN
Polish text, say REVISE
Primo AONE
Pursues, as a police tip ACTSON
Reelection seekers INS
Salon request for My Little Pony? MANESTREAK
Say no to VETO
Scholarly sort THINKER
Screen makeup MESH
She was Emma in 1998's 'The Avengers' UMA
Show with booths EXPO
Skater Michelle KWAN
Some smoked fish SPRATS
Source of extra income SIDELINE
Storyteller of the 6th century B.C AESOP
Tangy quencher LIMEADE
Thanksgiving dinner VIP CARVER
They're scored on a 1 to 5 scale APTESTS
Tycoon Turner TED
Unwritten exam ORAL
Working cat MOUSER
Wrap up END
Yoga class instruction EXHALE
Zip along TEAR
[not my error] SIC