The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,519 - Aug 30 2017

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Clues Answers
A bit of nasty ear infection STYE
Analyses a second and speaks ASSAYS
Daily newspaper's millions -- a force of attraction! CHARISMA
Develop a drug with revolutionary fix for cell GUARDROOM
Doctor sees end in poverty! NEEDINESS
Fine performer's important part FACTOR
Germany have players low in spirits DOWNCAST
Impetus gained from minute show of hesitation MOMENTUM
Indian state's area service rolled back ASSAM
Intends to circle island in poor health, getting uninterrupted progress PLAINSAILING
Men jump for chance of redemption here PAWNSHOP
Old boy's on unlimited notice to support Queen -- it's automatic ROBOTIC
Overall interest payable before working APRON
Panorama may be in favour of religious group seizing power PROSPECT
Power specs and speed OOMPH
Clues Answers
Previously finished quick examination ONCEOVER
Pseudonym one's forgotten, unfortunately ALAS
Pulls a face, seeing weapons across river GURNS
Qualifier's against cutting new beard ADVERB
River running through where ginseng's raised ; NIGER
Scroll worthless reading matter on your meeting with American PAPYRUS
Set out to cover team departures EXITS
Ship carrying cargo of loose ginger produces snorts SNIGGERS
Simple boxes or empty case for ceramic ware PORCELAIN
Skinny artist TATTOOIST
Son does nothing, but edges along warily SIDLES
The last character cutting copra concocted something for depression PROZAC
What might be instrumental in legislative assembly notes? CHAMBERMUSIC
With detectives chasing, managed to get off! RANCID
Writing that's seen on face on clock? LONGHAND