USA Today - Nov 19 2008

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Clues Answers
''. . . all snug in ___ beds'' THEIR
''Am ___ late?'' ITOO
''Dilbert'' intern ASOK
''Friends'' character ROSS
''Fuzzy Wuzzy ___ . . .'' WAS
''Help me out, buddy!'' BEAPAL
''K-i-s-s-i-n-g'' place TREE
''Monsters, ___'' (Pixar film) INC
''Rad!'' NEATO
1985 Robert Redford film OUTOFAFRICA
Able to bear FERTILE
AC units BTUS
Animation collectible CEL
Astonished gasps OHS
Be like-minded AGREE
Bedtime distraction SNORE
Bigwig in Bahrain EMIR
Catch a catch-of-the-day REELIN
Cathedral topper SPIRE
Chinese staple WHITERICE
Clothing retailer since 1969 THEGAP
Come apart at the seams FRAY
Cry of concurrence LETS
D.D.E.'s WWII command ETO
Discount oil source ARTSALE
Escort company FORD
Famous ark-itect NOAH
Fist-pumper's cry YES
Full house letters SRO
Get going fast HIE
Gets hot under the collar SEESRED
Global oil and gas company HESS
Groovy light sources LAVALAMPS
Had an inkling FELT
Happen OCCUR
Herbert of the Pink Panther movies LOM
Home run gait, often TROT
In the raw NAKED
Injure WOUND
Clues Answers
It's for the Byrds AMP
Japanese aboriginal AINU
Londoner's pintful ALE
Luau instrument, briefly UKE
Major finish? ETTE
Mexicali munchies TACOS
Min. divisions SECS
Moonwalker Armstrong NEIL
Move with a mouse, in a way DRAGANDDROP
Off yonder AFAR
Oft-confiscated document FAKEID
Ohio or Arkansas, e.g. RIVER
Persona ___ grata NON
Pigged out ATEATON
Prefix meaning ''trillion'' TERA
Pull the plug on END
Refrain syllables LALA
Rely upon LOOKTO
Sea close to the Kyzlkum ARAL
Sea dog TAR
Sheep dish MUTTON
Shooting marbles TAWS
Site of the College World Series OMAHA
Soap actress Sofer RENA
St. Louis gridder RAM
Swinger's hardware HINGE
Take five REST
Takes a tumble TRIPS
Took a toke PUFFED
Transgression SIN
Try to stay up? FLAP
Unpretentious DOWNTOEARTH
Weak, as an excuse LAME
Werner of ''Fahrenheit 451'' OSKAR
Western treaty gp. OAS
What some do for continued good luck KNOCKONWOOD
Wilde forte FARCE
Word with ''shot'' or ''well'' PUT
You need to go when it calls NATURE