L.A. Times Daily - Nov 19 2008

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Clues Answers
"Darn it!" NUTS
*Easily provoked HAIRTRIGGER
*Gift-wrapping material TISSUEPAPER
*Modern communications science FIBEROPTICS
A mint may freshen it BREATH
African snakes ASPS
Ballot marks XES
Best-seller HIT
Bonding words IDO
Burros' relatives MULES
Byron's "before" ERE
Calculator, at times ADDER
Casting need ROD
Caught on to GOT
Childish retort ARESO
Colony denizen ANT
Come-__: lures ONS
Computer company whizzes TECHS
Corduroy ridge WALE
Cote cries BAABAA
Crunch targets ABS
Cybermemo ENOTE
Dinner side dish choice RICE
Duff Beer server MOE
Eager beaver's demand MEFIRST
Earth Day mo. APR
Elected officials INS
Empire St. paper since 1851 NYT
Everglades wader EGRET
Farming prefix AGRO
Fortune RICHES
Geronimo's tribe APACHE
Get it wrong ERR
Hardwood floor covering AREARUG
High-calorie cake TORTE
Incan pack animal LLAMA
Indicator of a dull speech? SNORE
Inspiring talk: Abbr. SER
Clues Answers
It's usually not a 11-Across BSIDE
Item for Gil Grissom's team--one begins the answer to each starred clue CSICLUE
Kimono accessory OBI
Legendary storyteller AESOP
Like Eric the Red NORSE
Like some candles TAPERED
Like some garages TWOCAR
Likely APT
Lime and rust OXIDES
Lit __ CRIT
Lose one's footing TRIP
Loses it FREAKS
Luggage-screening org. TSA
Martin or swift BIRD
Paste holders TUBES
Pinellas Peninsula city, briefly STPETE
Preliminary stake ANTE
Real hoot PANIC
Road wiggle ESS
School support org. PTA
Security concern LEAK
Social duds MISFITS
Some Texas A&M grads EES
Source of strength UNITY
Sporty sunroofs TTOPS
Summer, to Sartre ETE
Tennis tactics LOBS
Tiny bits ATOMS
Tolerated STOOD
Trattoria orders PASTAS
VCR button REC
Wash softly against LAPAT
Where rupees are spent INDIA
White House res. POTUS
Yearn (for) ACHE
__ chi TAI