The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 26815

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Clues Answers
A page turned in a Hindu's curious sacred text UPANISHAD
A stern Head of Inspectorate using evidence a posteriori
About to join firm's plant in South America COCA
Abroad, we'll show good sense NOUS
Accepting nothing, raised objections about US prison open-minded
Begrudge Democrat cutting revenue for now? present-day
Do celebrities like Bauhaus? functionalist
Failing to pen line, journalist headed off DEFLECTED
Having bottle, sweetheart puts away litres DARING
Heading for Chicago on plane, as well as US port CLEVELAND
Hospital's within reach for deprived area GHETTO
Intro's fifth note stopping concert PROEM
Lacking mercy in a Conrad novel DRACONIAN
Limit of French liquor consumed DEMARCATE
Northerner maybe employed by computer firm round university INUIT
Clues Answers
One fired nastily, gutted to get sacking GUNNY
Person on the right team helping review CONSIDERATION
Princess charmed, eagerly doing some stripping MEDEA
Record concerning Good Queen Bess and Walter Raleigh? discoverer
Report having ingested hard drug mixture BHANG
Roaming free in check garment NECKERCHIEF
Scot's pet after losing weight HEN
Sharp accountant going over papers ACID
She could provide us with a minder NURSEMAID
Song from East End musical? AIR
Supporter's gripe about new player BENEFACTOR
Unfinished novel, Hemingway's last, gets award EMMY
Vendor, always upset, accepting current suspension REPRIEVE
Willing troops accompanying sailor in the drink AMENABLE
Work one's way up in heart of Special Branch CLIMB