Rock and Roll - Aug 27 2017

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Clues Answers
"Aquele Abraco" Gilberto GIL
"Case of the Ex" singer MYA
"Common Sense" John PRINE
"Dirty ___ Done Dirt Cheap" DEEDS
"Insensitive" Jann ARDEN
"Janie's Got ___" AGUN
"Let's go to the ___ (oh baby)" HOP
"Love Is Here ___" TOSTAY
"The Forgotten" Green Day album TRE
"Watermark" singer ENYA
"While you ___ chance, take it" SEEA
'07 Spoon album for a baby? GAGAGAGAGA
'12 Lionel Richie album TUSKEGEE
'80s "Heart and Soul" Brits TPAU
Alice in Chains "Got Me Wrong" EP SAP
Arizona band, oddly enough MAINE
Band will tour from east to this WEST
Band, for one UNIT
Bon Jovi "___ Out of Love" INAND
Boston "___ I'll Never Be" AMAN
Camel "___ and a Wink" ANOD
Careers have them, perhaps ARCS
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! "Blame It ___" ONTHISSONG
City Italian stars play ROME
Clive Dunn song about a relative? GRANDAD
Corey Hart hit "___ Surrender" NEVER
Delicious Gwen Stefani song? YUMMY
Dinosaur Jr. "___ Song" off "Bug" POND
Doors "And our love become a funeral ___" PYRE
Eagles "___ These Nights" ONEOF
Emmett of Triumph RIK
Everything but the Girl's "Strings"? APRON
Famous metal drummer Ulrich LARS
Foretold Danish heavy metalers? FATE
Great review RAVE
Greg Ginn's label SST
Huge mansion and fast cars are some, for rich stars NEEDS
Icon Ross DIANA
Iconic producer/guitarist Rodgers NILE
Clues Answers
Iconic U2 guitarist EDGE
Influential rockers Big ___ STAR
Instrument not pitched correctly DETUNED
Led Zep "Said there ain't no ___ in crying" USE
Lifehouse hit "First ___" TIME
Like classic act that still tours AGED
Like luminous concert feeling AGLOW
Like sudden cancellation ABRUPT
Loverboy "The Kid ___ Tonight" ISHOT
Mama of The Mamas & the Papas CASS
Megastars get these on charts ONES
Musician is sometimes given key to city by this person MAYOR
Nine Inch Nails "The Perfect ___" DRUG
Pre-digital recording target TAPE
Queen "My ___ King" FAIRY
R.E.O. Speedwagon "___ With Me" HERE
Radio Corp. of America label (abbr.) RCA
RHCP "___ California" DANI
Rocker drives a nice one, slang RIDE
Rush "___ of Hands" ASHOW
Sam Cooke "Bring It ___ Me" ONHOMETO
Stars have a house in the country and an apartment here CITY
Stars stay at them in between albums RESORTS
Stripped Matt Nathanson song? BARE
Sweaty show problem ODOR
Teen idol Donny OSMOND
Tori Amos "Caught a ___ Sneeze" LITE
Track off Pearl Jam's "Vitalogy" PRYTO
Truthful Verve Pipe song? HONEST
Uncle Tupelo spinoff ___ Volt SON
Union Underground song heard coast to coast? ACROSSTHENATION
Welsh rockers ___ for a Friend FUNERAL
What functioning rocker will do with stress COPE
What icon does to front door for "MTV Cribs" OPENS
What legend does at fancy restaurant EATS
What Mick and Bianca did WED
When Dolly Parton clocked in? NINE
Yelp user does it to venue, with "it" RATES
Yoko ONO