The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,870 - Aug 24 2017

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Clues Answers
American airport terminal's beginning to be most boring DULLEST
British remain in port BREST
Cause embarrassment to party that's after answer ABASH
Disappointing holiday, a possible result of taking drugs? BADTRIP
Duck crackers DAFFY
Employ most of dinosaurs in retirement EXERT
Evil alter ego contracted artist ... monster! HYDRA
Go to check king's ready PREP
Holding up trophies, substitute's where coach might be BUSSTOP
Incompetent being this would make fuse start to fail USELESS
Lift articulated beams RAYS
Need discovered French author to be bright LUSTROUS
Not working having left monastery OUTOFORDER
One acts like eight or nine of French Resistance PRETENDER
One's one to have one on the Walk of Fame STAR
Performing song with this religious leader could be absorbing RABBI
Clues Answers
Priest sets out to find relative STEPSISTER
Progress to pull a good pint GETAHEAD
Religious leader in huff about being elevated PETER
Retailer sells hopeless clothes SHOP
Salesperson with additional pay for extra performance REPRISE
Siren in temple curtailed exercise PARTHENOPE
Stranger died in European river ODDER
Stuffed on account of agent OVERFED
Sugar-coat reports circulating about alien base SWEETEN
The setter's leaving nothing of importance working OPERATIVE
Traitor's doing well with Queen INFORMER
Universal bar suits regularly getting promoted over Fast and Furious TURBULENT
Unusual gear? Just three-quarters of it DIFFERENT
Use just over half of gas etc supplied by London area UTILISE
Very fine hour with fliers HAIRLINE
Well-to-do duke, American PROSPEROUS