The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 26810

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Clues Answers
“Cool”, but no place for “bitter” ACID
Affecting modesty about masculine god’s body COMPANY
Annoying composer, mostly in two different keys CROSSING
Deprivation apparent in outskirts of Pusey POVERTY
Drop in at home, even now not finished INSTIL
Entrenched viewpoint of royals about welcoming article LAAGER
Fashion with certain style for monks TONSURE
Flavouring I understand must be used in conjunction ANISEED
Freeze player is injured PARALYSE
Go-ahead for each embassy PERMISSION
Have constant desire around wife, giving great delight BEWITCHING
In politics now, Edinburgh is seasonally unable to make a move? snowed in
Innovative start on Article 50 ORIGINAL
Land link is consequently cut by motorway ISTHMUS
Mexican painter taking in island resort area RIVIERA
Clues Answers
Place for artist outside, endlessly working STUDIO
Plan unacceptable rail route OUTLINE
Proper time to perform together DUET
Rambling and thin encore done badly INCOHERENT
Rock is something that people can see in Hyde Park SERPENTINE
Saw killing where Liberal’s got taken out SAYING
Show no respect to soldier in a mess DISORDERLY
Start computer to remove old autonomous program BOT
Strain voice giving impression AIR
Subject of Mozart opera put on by university in one month don juan
Support management introducing large teaching aid BLACKBOARD
Take unauthorised photo of a man with offspring PAPA
Unstoppable “peelers” translated with “sbirri” IRREPRESSIBLE
Wader sometimes seen by reef KNOT
Where ships go on venture for best opportunity the main chance