L.A. Times Daily - Aug 21 2017

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Clues Answers
"... disguised as Clark Kent, mild-__ reporter" MANNERED
"Go back" computer command UNDO
"I got a great break!" LUCKYME
"Sorry, that's not happening" UHNO
"The Waste Land" poet's monogram TSE
*Feature of gated community entrances GUARDHOUSE
*Plaything for a backyard swimming spot POOLTOY
*Source of showroom shock? STICKERPRICE
1970 Kinks hit LOLA
Abundant farm yield ... and what the first words of the answers to starred clues comprise? BUMPERCROP
Adam's grandson ENOS
And others, in Lat ETAL
Apprehensive TREPID
Badgers NAGS
Batman's hideout CAVE
Bookcase unit SHELF
Bothersome PESKY
Cake decorator ICER
Captivate CHARM
Chicago Fire's org MLS
City where Joan of Arc died ROUEN
Close friend CRONY
Close-cropped hair style CREWCUT
Colorado-based brewery COORS
Colored like Easter eggs DYED
Curve in a road BEND
Curved foot part ARCH
DEA agent NARC
Donna Summer's music DISCO
Dungeness and Alaskan king CRABS
Easier said __ done THAN
Employ USE
Fairy tale start ONCE
Fella BUB
Fever with chills AGUE
Clues Answers
Fifth month MAY
Foreign relief org. created by JFK USAID
Garner from the fields REAP
Got giggles out of TICKLED
Hoopla ADO
Hotfooted it FLED
ID card picture PHOTO
Image maker, briefly PRMAN
Infant foot warmer BOOTIE
Like "X-Files" cases PARANORMAL
Like checks, when splitting the tab SEPARATE
Low, sturdy cart DRAY
Match, as clothing colors COORDINATE
Music media holders CDRACKS
Over the hill AGED
Pac-12 sch UCLA
Past the deadline LATE
Quarrel SPAT
Roof projection EAVE
See 9-Across NANO
Skunk's defense ODOR
Sprouted GREW
Spun, as a baton TWIRLED
Stretch across SPAN
Subscribers' continuations RENEWALS
Tax form org IRS
Thankless sort INGRATE
The Stones' "__ Tonk Women" HONKY
Traveller in London's Tube BRIT
Wield a divining rod DOWSE
With 15-Across, Apple media player since 2005 IPOD
Year before AD yrs. started ONEBC
__ and dined WINED