Universal - Nov 16 2008

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Clues Answers
''Kookie'' portrayer Byrnes EDD
''Miss Pym Disposes'' author Josephine TEY
''Star Trek: The Next Generation'' character Tasha ___ YAR
''Surfin' ___'' (1963 hit) USA
''That's all ___ wrote!'' SHE
''The ___ thickens'' PLOT
''___ Lama Ding Dong'' (1961 hit) RAMA
Act like a slugabed LAZE
Actor Moranis RICK
Ancient burial stone STELE
Assays TESTS
At one time, at one time ERST
Backing strip LATH
Baloney peddler LIAR
Barley-shaped pasta ORZO
Basilicas' sections APSES
Blissful couple? ESSES
Booty PELF
Burkina Faso neighbor GHANA
Carter and Gwyn NELLS
Conduit bends ELLS
Don turned con GOTTI
Ease, as anxieties ALLAY
Emerald Isle EIRE
Everyday verb ARE
Extension ARM
Feed hot coals to STOKE
Foreword's place FRONTOFTHEBOOK
Frequent quarreler with Zeus HERA
Geometric findings AREAS
Gilbert and Sullivan opera (with ''The'') MIKADO
He played Quint in ''Jaws'' SHAW
Headline-making BIG
Hoarder's supply CACHE
Hook's minion SMEE
Hoopster CAGER
Hot-air chamber OVEN
Jazz riff LICK
Jug handles EARS
Clues Answers
Layer of Earth MANTLE
Least prevalent RAREST
Like bacon, for some TREF
Lock of hair TRESS
Men with polish GENTS
Mishmash OLIO
Motive for some crimes HATE
Nones follower IDES
Not qualified UNFIT
Omicrons' preceders XIS
One might get bonded ION
Paris friends AMIES
Pelvic bones ILIA
Raptor's retreat AERIE
Readily persuadable EASY
Remain unspoiled KEEP
Remove reluctantly TEARAWAY
Robert Devereux's earldom ESSEX
Roof feature EAVE
Search deeply (with ''into'') DELVE
Sidestep EVADE
Silent farewell WAVE
Singer with the Mel-Tones TORME
Small turnover PIROSHKI
Small, as a Beanie Baby TEENIE
Smell, as a dump REEK
Sport with mallets POLO
Spot in the Seine ILE
Squelched SATON
Stevenson of 1950s politics ADLAI
Three-toed bird of South America RHEA
Tommy Chong's daughter RAE
Vehicle with a rotating top TANK
Wall hanging with pictorial designs ARRAS
Wine cask wood OAK
Writing contest entry, often ESSAY
You may glance at it in passing REARVIEWMIRROR
___ moment's notice ATA