Universal - Aug 18 2017

Clues Answers
"Head, Shoulders, ___ and Toes" KNEES
"I will pay you later" note IOU
"I'm not worthy" from a gift recipient YOUSHOULDNTHAVE
"The Few" of the U.K. military RAF
1552, in ancient Rome MDLII
About to burst into tears TEARY
Advanced, in a way HIGHTECH
Affirm AVOW
Aquamarine hue SEAGREEN
Ark builder NOAH
Attachments for "farm" or "home" STEADS
Bad sign OMEN
Blockage of blood flow CLOT
Bottle stopper CORK
Cause one's spirits to rise ELATE
Christmas quaffs NOGS
Close at hand, poetically NIGH
Commercial breaks ADS
Common street name ELM
Deep fissure or gulf ABYSS
Eagle's grasper TALON
Egyptian goddess ISIS
Elevenses drink TEA
End of the Arabian Peninsula OMAN
Equip anew REFIT
ER word or ERA, e.g STAT
Erhard's movement EST
Faint mist HAZE
Fasten together ATTACH
Flapjacks complement SYRUP
Fried Cajun veggie OKRA
Generic syllables of laughter HAS
Glossy finishes SHEENS
Grp. that can ban chemicals EPA
Guns the engine REVS
Gunslinger's command DRAW
Gymnast Johnson of "Dancing With the Stars" SHAWN
Clues Answers
Hairstyle from the '70s AFRO
Half-and-half half CREAM
Hollywood production FILM
It's gentle on the skin ALOE
It's right to the French DROIT
Keep occupied TIEUP
Land dot in the ocean ISLET
Lightly fry SAUTE
Like a chimp APISH
Lingerie item BRA
Location SITE
Longish work of fiction NOVEL
Many endings for driveways GARAGES
Meet expectations HAVEWHATITTAKES
Minute energy source ATOM
Not this THAT
Point of departure ONSET
Powerful wind GALE
Prepare vegetables, in a way STEAM
Recipe qty TSP
Resistance in the millions? MEGOHMS
Rolled sandwich WRAP
Sandpaper stuff GRIT
See at a distance ESPY
Silver salmon COHO
Six-legged groups? TRIOS
Some chicken parts THIGHS
Some short-sleeved shirts POLOS
Souvenir choice TSHIRT
Stitched together SEWN
Suffix for residents ITES
Supreme Greek deity ZEUS
Switzerland-to-France river RHONE
Throw ___ AFIT
Tourist attractions SIGHTS
Within arm's reach NEAR
___ a soul (no one) NARY