- Aug 17 2017

Clues Answers
''Forget it!'' NOPE
''Get lost!'' SCAT
''Hamilton'' role AARONBURR
''M*A*S*H'' regular JAMIEFARR
'90s sitcom star ROSEANNEBARR
Alsace assent OUI
Annual aviator SANTA
Apply amply POURON
Aviation prefix AERO
Be a pest to BADGER
Bit of chicanery RUSE
Book jacket prose BIO
Boston Marathon mo APR
Bygone birds DODOS
Capital of Bulgaria SOFIA
Carpenter's pins DOWELS
Commanded BADE
Commando garb CAMO
Coupe descriptor TWODOOR
Credit card's magnet STRIPE
Descended SANK
Disconnected APART
Disparaging word BAH
Easy __ (no sweat) ASABC
Erode WEAR
Experts on books CPAS
Exploration organization NASA
Extract, as groceries UNBAG
Far from rosy GRIM
Female moose COW
Fleecy beasts LLAMAS
Fraudulent deal SCAM
Galaxy Tab rival IPAD
Gasoline additive ODOR
Hereditary INBORN
It means ''skin'' DERM
It's east of Israel DEADSEA
Jazz singer Laine CLEO
Clues Answers
Lighthearted AIRY
Like ''Rambo'' and ''Gladiator'' RATEDR
Maestro's reference SCORE
Mental disposition MOOD
Microwaved ZAPPED
Missing from NOTAT
Moose cousin ELK
Mr. Peanut accessory CANE
Nation near Tonga SAMOA
NFC West team RAMS
Odist's ''before'' ERE
Old West transportation STAGE
Olympus VIP ZEUS
Onetime NPR commentator DANIELSCHORR
Open a bit AJAR
Orchestrate ARRANGE
Part of some hammers CLAW
Plate appearance ATBAT
Put together BUILD
Regular earnings SALARY
Sax range ALTO
Set foot (on) TROD
Sign of disuse RUST
Some distance away AFAR
Spans with names ERAS
Sponsor's payment ADFEE
Steel girders IBARS
Stir-fry staple SNOWPEA
Tempe campus ASU
Thick as a brick DENSE
Tuber term TATER
Turn out to be ENDUP
Usefulness, so to speak MILEAGE
Water-holding gem OPAL
Where Laos lies ASIA
Without delay ASAP
Word on fable books AESOPS