The Telegraph - Toughie - Aug 11 2017

Clues Answers
After assault, soldiers can't stand ABHOR
Area mined, coal is withdrawn ASOCIAL
Baby's very bright writing up letter in Greek NEONATE
Bird World with no eagle, unfortunately LONGEAREDOWL
Boat's installed with tunnel in the middle for boarding place KENNELS
Brown starter of salmon not brought to the lips SUNKISSED
Description of trier? Not one likely to win RANKOUTSIDER
Fish sandwiches guy set over plates ENAMELS
Fortune to incorporate railway climbing mountainous region TYROL
Give notice about contest in outskirts of Paignton PREWARN
He wrote article on model from the south AESOP
Last bit in mug with some drinks GROUNDS
Leave mock Tudor housing long-faced DROPOUT
Left, cut and ran OVERSAW
Clues Answers
Like a go-between linking press and politician MEDIATORY
Massage head after thumps and cover over shiner LAMPSHADE
Men disheartened with United become angry GETSTEAMEDUP
Note beer in bar calling to customers TELESALES
Obstinate policeman in hurry to be on time HARDSET
One cuts bit of loaf well, but not the ends SCALPEL
One engineered solid base to put on a pedestal IDOLISE
One immersed in textbook is better prepared READIER
Restricting mobile apps, regularly barred upload somewhere in Scandinavia UPPSALA
See this weapon working, it might make you interested TRIDENT
Stuck join, wrapping present ADHERED
The German rejected job, shunning first motorway restructuring REDEPLOYMENT
Tip from well-informed group UPSET
To manage account European invested in place of industry ACHIEVE