The Telegraph - Cryptic - Aug 10 2017

Clues Answers
Almost dismiss anger with graduate vacantly producing blasphemy SACRILEGE
Black night's beginning after storm RAVEN
Clear front of Tyne Tunnel -- car's broken down TRANSLUCENT
Covered empty loft before going into outhouse SHELTERED
Criminal group share respect CONSIDERATION
Dress up lie foolishly covering a resentment DISPLEASURE
Failing that mother wisely comprehends OTHERWISE
Force to accept Church upset faithful PRECISE
Getting dinner and gut's rumbling UNDERSTANDING
Girl excelling in serving, having artistic beginnings GEISHA
Hinge on craft providing new opening RESTART
Hospital department twisting about in charge of intestines ENTERIC
In which boxers do combat? DOGFIGHT
Individual Sarah and Abraham conceived originally ISAAC
Clues Answers
Like this compiler would start to entertain digression ASIDE
Men scoffed after harangue ORATE
One fleeces lambs trimmed right round a river SHEARER
Party taking in a show REVEAL
Rent forced to be capped RIVEN
Return of Queen -- sense overlapping sample record collection REGISTRY
Sailor saw a bit on travelling BOATSWAIN
Search small grotto and say name echoing SCAVENGE
Shake head finally facing stranger DODDER
Stones admitting sex worries AGITATES
Symbol we see partly resemble medallion? EMBLEM
Terrible puns -- air's becoming sort of blue PRUSSIAN
With help climbing inside measures beams RADIATES
Your old skinny sweetheart THINE