The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,271 - Aug 8 2017

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Clues Answers
1 in 100 associate after work by choice OPTIONALLY
Archdeacon querulously admitting defeat CONQUER
Arrange sources of love and laughter for everyone ALL
Cliff goes round tip of west Ireland disfiguring the landscape CRATERING
Confederacy of eleven, assumed to fail? DIXIE
Doctor buys extra radiography equipment XRAYTUBES
Dorothy Parker missing land she adores DOTER
Employ brainiest Manx folk from Madrid? IBERIANS
Eulogising extremely good woman with lines of great delicacy EGGSHELL
Exciting era in which submariner happened on way to measure current ANEMOMETER
Famous sons delay leaving STARRY
Gran opted to act as child's sponsor GODPARENT
He told a tale of France's grand river MILLER
Man from island wearing sweater inside out SIR
Milk, oddly in a way, is as much as one can bear ARMLOAD
Clues Answers
Model modern mum snatching a minute MEMORANDUM
Most rich drunks finally repent LUSHEST
Mount first of attacks, retaliating against traitor ARARAT
Others not as unsettled RESTLESS
Policy of alliance regularly dismissed LINE
Rhubarb wolfed down? I approve! GOBBLEDEGOOK
Roughly laminate covers of prewar Chambers? PARLIAMENT
Take home books about foundations of the West NETT
The crux of recent research CENTRE
They hope to pass morning in Spain surrounded by old lovers EXAMINEES
Tin containing a beer full of energy and cheer SANGUINENESS
Very much welcomes large grant ALLOT
Victorious, like an exemplary public schoolboy of old? UNBEATEN
Warm brief statement is broadcast SUMMERY
Young woman, over time, stays fresh LASTS