Wall Street Journal - Aug 2 2017 - Take Some Time

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Clues Answers
'Get lost!' SHOO
'Heavens!' DEARME
'The Well-Built Swede,' in old ads SAAB
'What's new, Buenos Aires? I'm new...' singer EVITA
2005 World Series losers ASTROS
A quarter of the cards CLUBS
About half of deliveries SONS
African serpents ASPS
Antarctic explorer Richard BYRD
Antecedent PRIOR
Ball-bearing entertainers SEALS
Belligerent god ARES
Body shop challenges DENTS
Bona fide REAL
Brain part LOBE
Conjugation target VERB
Cribbage jack NOB
Critic, with stars RATER
Cruise destination PORT
Debtor's voucher CHIT
Delivery vehicles VANS
Diva's trademark brazenness? OPERATICNERVE
Embarrassing outburst SCENE
Enrique Iglesias's dad JULIO
Essence GIST
Fellow CHAP
Flyer based at Ben Gurion International ELAL
Folder's creation CREASE
Forgo frugality SPEND
Formal orders MANDATES
Frosh quarters DORM
General's right-hand man AIDEDECAMP
Give a new look to REDO
Give a shot in the arm to REJUVENATE
Grammy category RAP
Greek's X CHI
Clues Answers
Green prefix ECO
He 'gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air' ADAM
He put two and two together NOAH
Kenobi's creator LUCAS
Loquacious CHATTY
Lose traction SKID
Makes muumuus, say SEWS
Marseille man HOMME
Melanie Griffith decision of 1996? WEDDINGBANDERAS
Move doggedly PLOD
Munich Mr HERR
Nickname of Columbus's Santa Clara NINA
NYC-to-Rio bearing SSE
Of two minds TORN
Official impression SIGNET
Old Ford model LTD
Paragon of dignified behavior CLASSACT
Pitcher's place MOUND
Played at a party, perhaps DJED
Poetry contest SLAM
Queen's mate DRONE
Ready for customers OPEN
Rent out LET
Request to a prompter LINE
Say 'You mutts couldn't catch a dead grouse,' say? JEERATSETTERS
Senate majority leader in 2000 LOTT
Shipshape TIDY
Staring at one's vast pumps collection to ease depression? SHOERACKTHERAPY
Take a stance POSE
The youngest Cratchit TIM
They're often on top of the deck SAILORS
They've paid their dues MEMBERS
Times for some holiday parties EVES
Unmatched ODD
User of riyals SAUDI
White waders EGRETS
Words with premium or discount ATA