L.A. Times Daily - Aug 1 2017

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Clues Answers
"Honest, it's true!" NOREALLY
"I figured it out!" AHA
"Sure thing!" WILLDO
"The African Queen" screenwriter James AGEE
"The Talk" co-host Gilbert SARA
"__-dokey!" OKEY
*"Want to try it?" AREYOUGAME
*Quick checkout choice EXPRESSLINE
*Social networking site with a math sign in its logo GOOGLEPLUS
*Wedding gown attachment BRIDALTRAIN
Actress Kunis of "Bad Moms" MILA
Actress Lindsay LOHAN
Actress Ullmann LIV
Asian noodle soup PHO
Attention from Dr. Mom TLC
Bathroom fixture BIDET
Bear, in Barcelona OSO
Bearded grassland grazer GNU
Beaver's creation DAM
Belly GUT
Boxcar hopper HOBO
Brass or bronze ALLOY
Bus stop DEPOT
Cellphone downloads APPS
Curved bone RIB
Desert plant used to make tequila AGAVE
Dollar bill ONE
Ease up ABATE
Eyed wolfishly OGLED
Federal humanitarian org USAID
Flowering shrubs associated with Augusta National Golf Club AZALEAS
Forest-scented cleaning product PINESOL
Gobbled up ATE
Govt. workplace watchdog OSHA
Heavy weight TON
High-end chocolatier LINDT
High-__ graphics RES
Hollywood's crème de la crème ... and where to find the ends of the answers to starred clues? ALIST
In a snit RILED
Clues Answers
Like hunks and knockouts SEXY
Like sealed medical supplies STERILE
Little women GIRLS
Longtime first name in morning talk shows REGIS
Macaroni side dish PASTASALAD
Madrid art museum PRADO
Math with x's ALGEBRA
Molecule part ATOM
New Year's Day floral procession ROSEPARADE
Not proficient in BADAT
October birthstone OPAL
Personal histories PASTS
Picnic critters ANTS
Pocahontas' husband John ROLFE
Portion out ALLOT
Pose in yoga studios ASANA
Raindrop sound PLOP
Really excited AGOG
Refuses to WONT
Resort island near Venezuela ARUBA
Rower's blade OAR
Santa __ winds ANA
Scoundrel ROGUE
Slender SLIM
Soap units CAKES
South African city where Mandela was inaugurated PRETORIA
Superstar IDOL
Surrealist Joan MIRO
Take the __: risk it PLUNGE
Tiny toymaker ELF
Upper body TORSO
Virus of concern at the Rio Olympics ZIKA
Wall St. index NYSE
Went under SANK
Wide assortment ARRAY
Yemen port ADEN
__-and-seek HIDE