Universal - Nov 8 2008

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Clues Answers
''Auld Lang ___'' SYNE
''Curse the luck!'' ALAS
''Darby ___ and the Little People'' OGILL
''Doctor Dolittle'' actress Pratt KYLA
''Lamp ___ My Feet'' UNTO
''Letter From an Unknown Woman'' director Max OPHULS
''Othello'' conspirator IAGO
''The Sheik of ___'' ARABY
''The ___ Got Potential'' (Song from ''Evita'') LADYS
''___ a man with seven wives'' IMET
A possessive OURS
Act like a grandparent DOTE
Another sleek fabric SILK
Apartment, to an apartment manager UNIT
Attorney played by Raymond Burr MASON
Be organized, in a way PLAN
Begin, as winter SETIN
Call from a ward NURSE
Civil War side (with ''the'') GRAY
Dibs on collateral LIEN
Dressing may make it better SALAD
El ___, Texas PASO
Emmy-winning ''Cagney & Lacey'' co-star TYNEDALY
Enter Dreamland GOTOSLEEP
Favorable forecast SUNNY
Fourth Estate PRESS
Fully attended meeting PLENUM
Hill who went to Capitol Hill ANITA
Insult or a ''gorgeous'' introduction DROPDEAD
It's above us all SKY
James of ''The Andromeda Strain'' OLSON
Just-for-fun activity LARK
Leaf pore STOMA
Lena of ''Havana'' OLIN
Lesley of ''60 Minutes'' STAHL
Libertine ROUE
Like a fruitcake, in more ways than one NUTTY
Loses one's footing SLIPS
Clues Answers
Michelle of ''Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'' YEOH
Mins. and mins. HRS
Mrs. Nick Charles NORA
Nancy Reagan's designer ADOLFO
Nickname for Hemingway or Haydn PAPA
Not suitable UNFIT
Paul's ''Exodus'' co-star SAL
Philip of ''From Here to Eternity'' OBER
Police adversary of 39-Across TRAGG
Proposer's prop? KNEE
Put together SETUP
Retained KEPT
Richard Burton film EQUUS
Rita of ''West Side Story'' MORENO
Sailor's response, perhaps AYEAYESIR
Santa ___, El Salvador ANA
Sarah McLachlan hit ADIA
Saroyan's ''My Name Is ___'' ARAM
Satisfy the store owner SPEND
Schlemiels SAPS
Scout bunch TROOP
Sentence unit YEAR
She's a sweetie in Tahiti AMIE
Sleek fabric SATIN
Start to be sorry? YOULL
Steinbeck title varmints MICE
Stunned AWED
The ''O'' in SRO ONLY
Title sister of a 1970 film SARA
Very practical UTILE
Wax bananas? RANT
Windward Island Saint ___ LUCIA
Words with ''boy!'' or ''shame'' ITSA
You'll get a bang out of it TNT
___ sheet (arrest record) RAP