- Jul 26 2017

Clues Answers
''Don't go yet!'' WAIT
''I'm finished!'' DONE
Advancing, as a troop PUSHINGAHEAD
Air pressure meas PSI
Bard's ''before'' ERE
Bottommost LOWEST
Burst of energy SPASM
Butchers' wares MEATS
Ceasing action, as a troop STANDINGDOWN
Corporate symbol LOGO
Desire to scratch ITCH
Element #5 BORON
Ending for nectar INE
Experts ACES
Explosive initials TNT
Feelings of hunger PANGS
Fruit eater in Eden EVE
Glacier's composition ICE
Greet the day RISE
Gullible accomplice STOOGE
Hang on to KEEP
Heart chart, for short EKG
Helps to a seat, slangily USHES
Hole for a shoelace EYELET
Hollywood release FILM
Honking fliers GEESE
In the manner of ALA
Inquire ASK
Inventor Morse SAMUEL
Large quantities PILES
Lassos ROPES
Licorice flavoring ANISE
Lowered in esteem ABASED
Metric weight GRAM
Move furtively SNEAK
Narrow shelves LEDGES
Neighborhood AREA
Clues Answers
Not far from NEARTO
Oolong or Earl Grey TEA
Org. with launching pads NASA
Outcome RESULT
Passes along RELAYS
Perfect world UTOPIA
Permeate IMBUE
Picnic invader ANT
Pool hall game EIGHTBALL
Prefix for final SEMI
Prepare to propose, perhaps KNEEL
Pt. opposite NNW SSE
Ran in neutral IDLED
Reach an agreement SETTLE
Retreating, as a troop FALLINGBACK
Secure again, as a shoelace RETIE
Shout of surprise GEE
Show false, as a rumor DISPEL
Slippery fish EEL
Small fly GNAT
Small songbird LARK
Steer clear of EVADE
Stereo records, for short LPS
Strings of pearls, e.g NECKLACES
Tainted IMPURE
Thick chunk SLAB
Thick with vegetation LUSH
Tip of a shoe TOE
Took place WAS
Totally ALL
Twangy-sounding NASAL
UFO crew ETS
Understand SEE
Urban thoroughfare: Abbr AVE
Verb forms TENSES
Wall St. debut IPO
Words from the sponsor ADS
Wristwatch faces DIALS
__-tac-toe TIC