New York Times - Jul 25 2017

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Clues Answers
'There will come ___ ...' ADAY
Baked brick ADOBE
Call balls and strikes, informally UMP
Captain Nemo's vessel NAUTILUS
Certain office desk setup ELL
Chapel recess APSE
Chef Emeril LAGASSE
Christmas ornament, e.g BAUBLE
Chrysler truck RAM
Chuck of 'Meet the Press' TODD
Comment after a fortuitous happening LUCKYME
Cost to get in ANTE
Craft company with a 2015 I.P.O ETSY
Defendant's entry PLEA
Didn't buy, say LEASED
Discharge, as from a volcano SPEW
Dr.'s orders EEGS
Dustup SPAT
Emotional state MOOD
End of August? TEE
Enthusiastic response to 'Who wants dessert?' IDOIDO
Equal at the start? ISO
Erelong ANON
Evangelize ... or what this puzzle's circled squares do? SPREADTHEGOSPEL
Family history, e.g SAGA
First female speaker of the House PELOSI
Fly through, as a test ACE
Frequently going from one post to another JOBHOPPING
Gen ___ XER
Giga- x 1,000 TERA
Gold standard? INGOT
Haul on a U-Haul TOW
He said that ambient music 'must be as ignorable as it is interesting' ENO
Height: Prefix ALTI
Highlander's headwear TAM
Hip-hop's Kris Kross or OutKast DUO
Hound's 'hand' PAW
Clues Answers
House of Elizabeth II WINDSOR
Ibsen's '___ Gabler' HEDDA
Is a leadfoot SPEEDS
Isn't rigid in one's ways ADAPTS
It isn't recorded in a walk-off win FINALOUT
Jason's vessel, in myth ARGO
Knock dead at the comedy club SLAY
Know-it-all SMARTALECK
Like emotions just after a tragedy RAWEST
Louisa May Alcott's '___ Boys' JOS
Milk: Prefix LACTI
Model-turned-actress Rene RUSSO
No holds ___ BARRED
Note in the E major scale DSHARP
NPR segment? RADIO
Nuisance in an online comments section TROLL
One voting to indict or not GRANDJUROR
Oral health org ADA
Protective embankment ESCARP
Puts in a box ENCASES
Pvt.'s superior NCO
Rush HIE
Shopping trip one may later regret SPREE
Shortening for a bibliographer ETAL
Sound of reproach TSK
The Hartford competitor AETNA
Title canine in a Stephen King book CUJO
Toward the rear ABAFT
Underside of an 8-Down PAD
Variety show host of 1951-71 REDSKELTON
Vitamin whose name rhymes with a car engine BSIX
Welcome at the front door ASKIN
What gives you the right to bare arms? TANKTOP
Zoë of 'Avatar' SALDANA
___ Club SAMS
___ House (Washington landmark) BLAIR