Wall Street Journal - Jul 24 2017 - Shower Room

Clues Answers
'Back in Black' rockers ACDC
'Bye Bye Bye' boy band NSYNC
'Full Frontal With Samantha Bee' network TBS
'Gone With the Wind' estate TARA
'In your dreams!' ASIF
'Rebel Without a Cause' star JAMESDEAN
'Smooth Operator' singer SADE
'The March King' SOUSA
'Who ___ to judge?' AMI
'___ la Douce' IRMA
Amazon Echo's personal assistant ALEXA
April shower? WALLCALENDAR
Assemble-it-yourself furniture seller IKEA
Baby shower? ULTRASOUND
Baltimore seafood favorite CRAB
Be partial to LIKE
Big commotion ADO
Big shrimp PRAWN
Bread and butter, for two NOUNS
Carrying current LIVE
Casino, to gamblers HOUSE
Castile-born folk hero ELCID
Chucklehead MORON
Consume INGEST
Contrary girl of rhyme MARY
Contrary to expectation ODDLY
Crafty SLY
Cricket player BATSMAN
Crow cry CAW
Cyber Monday come-ons SALES
Fly catcher WEB
Freeport-based retailer LLBEAN
Freight weight TON
Galley tool OAR
Game that goes into overtime, e.g NAILBITER
Gillette razor brand ATRA
Henry VIII had six WIVES
Home of the Magic ORLANDO
Clues Answers
Honda luxury brand ACURA
In ___ (stuck) AJAM
Incredible stories often spread via social media FAKENEWS
Jay of late night fame LENO
Kuwaiti currency DINAR
Lay to rest INTER
Long-eared equine ASS
Med. plan providers HMOS
Medium for Matisse OILCOLOR
Meteor shower? EVENINGSKY
Minor fights TIFFS
Missing from military roll call AWOL
Neighbor of Isr SYR
Nonreactive, chemically INERT
One of the noble gases XENON
Pizzeria fixtures OVENS
Place SITE
Plant with fronds FERN
Pricey winter wraps FURS
Provides with hay, say FEEDS
Purple smoothie berry ACAI
Sacred service MASS
Sauvignon ___ BLANC
Shooter Shaquille ONEAL
Shuttle setting LOOM
Somme summer ETE
Song or slug follower FEST
Spoken ORAL
Strike caller UMP
Sturgeon eggs ROE
Suspect's excuse ALIBI
They hoot at night OWLS
Tightly defined NARROW
TV's Curry ANN
Verizon acquisition of 2015 AOL
Wise daughter of Zeus ATHENA
Writer Kingsley AMIS
Youngest player to reach 600 HRs AROD
___-friendly ECO