New York Times - Jul 21 2017

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Clues Answers
'Ain't that the worst!' DANG
'Ciao' LATER
'Do You Hear the People Sing?' musical, to fans LESMIZ
'Mo Money Mo Problems' rapper BIGGIESMALLS
'Sorry to say ...' SADLY
'___ the Virgin' (CW show) JANE
'___-Ami' (Guy de Maupassant novel) BEL
1949 Hepburn/Tracy courtroom film ADAMSRIB
Add oil to, maybe DRESS
Arizona ballplayer, casually DBACK
Behind closed doors INSECRET
Believer in spirits ANIMIST
Bit of finger food CANAPE
Christmas decoration CANE
Devotee of Mötley Crüe or Megadeth METALHEAD
Dispense ALLOT
Dorm V.I.P.s RAS
Dr. Evil's sidekick in Austin Powers movies MINIME
DraftKings competitor FANDUEL
Dude BRO
Dudes MEN
Early Indus Valley settler ARYAN
Emphatic parental turndown NOMEANSNO
Facebook Chat status denoted by a green dot ONLINE
Faddish dance move done to the 2015 hit 'Watch Me' NAENAE
Flash JIFF
Formally approve, as a document, old-style ENSEAL
Frequent fodder for crossword clues TRIVIA
Great scores in Olympic diving NINES
Half a Hamilton ABE
Initiation practice RITE
Involved with SEEING
Is forbidden to MUSTNOT
Island in San Francisco Bay ALAMEDA
Jessica of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' BIEL
Clues Answers
Lady Gaga's '___ It Happens to You' TIL
Lawful ends? ELLS
Many consultants, for short MBAS
Marcel Marceau persona BIP
Master of ___ NONE
Modern requests for participation EVITES
Nationalism, per Einstein DISEASE
No worries EASE
One-named singer with the 2016 #1 hit 'Pillowtalk' ZAYN
Outbreaks of eczema, e.g RASHES
Peer ___ GYNT
Place for barnacles KEEL
Plan, for short SKED
Player of a drug kingpin on 'The Wire' IDRISELBA
Polka forerunner GALOP
Press IRON
Puts money on the table, say ANTES
Quarterback's asset AIM
Reclined LAIN
Sleep phenomena REMS
Something prohibited by the Ten Commandments IDOLATRY
Spike who directed 'Being John Malkovich' JONZE
State bordering California, informally BAJA
Stirs ADOS
They might be wished for at fountains FLOATS
They're game ELK
This puzzle's constructor, for one TEEN
Topic in feminist film criticism MALEGAZE
Waterway whose construction began in Rome ERIECANAL
Wayne's friend in 'Wayne's World' GARTH
What words can do, in an admonishment HURT
Word repeated before 'to you and you and you,' in a show tune ADIEU
Words from one about to break into tears INEEDAMOMENT
___ Martin, French firm since 1724 REMY