New York Times - Jul 19 2017

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Clues Answers
'Gone With the Wind' setting TARA
'Made for moments' sloganeer RCA
'Oh, quit your joshin'!' CMON
'Rule, Britannia' composer ARNE
'You're lookin' at your guy' IMIT
'___ Restaurant' (hit 1968 album) ALICES
10 out of 10 IDEAL
1980s Chrysler offering KCAR
;-) or :-( EMOTICON
Actress Skye IONE
Ain't the way it should be? ISNT
Antidoping target, informally ROID
Attempted to sell MARKETED
Attorneys' favorite desserts? TORTES
Back muscle, for short LAT
Bare-naked Lady GODIVA
Blue Jay but not Cardinal, for short ALER
Center MIDST
Common poster headline REWARD
Cool HIP
Custardy dessert TIRAMISU
Descriptive of los Andes ALTOS
Early 2000s Apple product EMAC
Fake blood, e.g GOO
Flare-up of crime? ARSON
German toast PROST
God, in the Torah ADONAI
Gridiron highlights, for short TDS
Handled, as a case TRIED
Hebrew toast LCHAIM
Hold aside for a year, as a college athlete REDSHIRT
Informal toast DOWNTHEHATCH
Institution often named for a saint: Abbr HOSP
Clues Answers
It has hundreds of thousands of drivers UBER
It's just an excuse ALIBI
Italy's ___ Coast AMALFI
Japanese toast KANPAI
Kid's nighttime fear MONSTER
Kind of jacket NEHRU
Korean War soldier ROK
Line from 'The Student Prince' appropriate for this puzzle DRINKDRINKDRINK
One who's tight-lipped CLAM
One with a long sentence LIFER
Part of the cabinet that oversees hwys DOT
Partner of trade CAP
Penultimate word of a fairy tale EVER
Prepared to propose KNELT
Roger who set a home run record in 1961 MARIS
San ___, Italy REMO
Satellite ___ DISH
Savanna animal ELAND
Second-place finisher, famously HARE
Some plasma TVs SANYOS
Something to watch on la télé SERIE
Spanish toast SALUD
Speedway event RACE
Start of a fairy tale ONCE
Stead LIEU
Supreme Court justices, e.g APPOINTEES
Trio x 3 NONET
Twenty-one places CASINOS
Uganda's Amin IDI
Verify the age of, in a way CARD
War ace, e.g HERO
Went out in the rain, say GOTWET
Where the pews are NAVE
Yodeler's peak ALP
___ Valley, Calif SIMI