Universal - Nov 5 2008

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Clues Answers
''Copacabana'' antagonist RICO
''Don't ___ me, I voted for ...'' BLAME
''Heart of Gold'' singer Young NEIL
''It ___ Be You'' HADTO
''Peter Pan'' baddie SMEE
''To tell the truth ...'' HONESTLY
''___ Poetica'' (Horace) ARS
Abbr. on a ticket MPH
Absolutely certain POSITIVE
Add body to a do TEASE
Almost ready for the tooth fairy LOOSE
Apportionment word PER
Be a brat ACTUP
Bit of parsley SPRIG
Boundary AMBIT
Building near a silo BARN
Bygone Pontiac muscle car GTO
Cause of shrinkage THEFT
Chinese dynasty (1368-1644) MING
Chow catchers BIBS
Concede ALLOW
Contemporary of Ford OLDS
Diminutive TEENSY
Doesn't just stand by AIDS
Exam for a would-be DA LSAT
Farm alarms ROOSTERS
Fireplace utensils TONGS
Fixed charge RATE
Follow a command OBEY
Frenzied MANIC
Giggly Muppet monster ELMO
Gillette product ATRA
Go away from the fold STRAY
Clues Answers
Grits stuff, sometimes HOMINY
It gets a scoop or two CONE
It's on the agenda ITEM
J.F.K.'s predecessor DDE
Lady with a dream in a Louis Armstrong tune MABEL
Liana, e.g. VINE
Luncheon conclusion? ETTE
Malaises ILLS
Mean partner LEAN
Monopoly payment RENT
My-colleagues link ESTEEMED
No small party BASH
Not negotiable FIRM
Not taken in by ONTO
Obedience-school word STAY
Obligations DEBTS
Okra units PODS
On the ___ (hiding out) LAM
One way to stand by IDLY
Oscar winner Berry HALLE
Post of etiquette fame EMILY
Robert Louis Stevenson, e.g. SCOT
Side of bacon FLITCH
Singer Sheena EASTON
Sondheim's barber TODD
Spreadable cheese BRIE
Start of many sequel titles SONOF
Subatomic particle MESON
Supplement ADDTO
They used to have class ALUMNI
Tories' opponents WHIGS
Wear and tear USE
Word with ''blind'' or ''double'' DATE
Writer Sinclair UPTON
Yemeni's neighbor OMANI
___ Pablo, Calif. SAN