- Jul 18 2017

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Clues Answers
''Couldn't catch a break'' NOLUCK
''I dropped it'' OOPS
''Now __ heard everything!'' IVE
''Quickly,'' in a memo ASAP
Additionally ALSO
Allots, with ''out'' METES
Applications USES
At any time EVER
Awful BAD
Because of DUETO
Boggy lands FENS
Book of photographs ALBUM
Bus route LINE
Celebrity with a young fan base TEENIDOL
Chore list heading TODO
Clean air org EPA
Commotion ADO
Confronted FACED
Couch in a den SOFA
Creative thoughts IDEAS
Customary USUAL
Daddies PAPAS
Electric car company TESLA
Endures LASTS
Exchange made as a compromise TRADEOFF
Explorer __ the Red ERIC
Fender ding DENT
Generic dog name FIDO
HD sets in dens TVS
Important happening EVENT
Impress greatly AWE
Justice Kagan ELENA
Little guy LAD
Little pies TARTS
Long-running quarrels FEUDS
Mails away SENDS
Make a mess of BOTCH
Make the first bet OPEN
March 17 honoree, for short STPAT
Clues Answers
Marry on the run ELOPE
Medical insurance grp HMO
Middling ''How are you?'' response ICANTCOMPLAIN
Need for water THIRST
Network with an eye logo CBS
Noah's vessel ARK
Not sleeping AWAKE
Not very tight LOOSE
Olden days YORE
On the house FREE
Piece of pizza SLICE
Pizzeria appliance OVEN
Plow-pulling animals OXEN
Point opposite SSW NNE
Possess HAVE
Probabilities ODDS
Reflexive ''How are you?'' response FINEHOWAREYOU
River-mouth formation DELTA
Rolls down the runway TAXIS
Sandwich shop DELI
Sequence SERIES
Service charge FEE
Ship of 1492 NINA
Sink outlet DRAIN
Smallest in the litter RUNT
Smell awful REEK
Snips again RECUTS
Sonnet or ode POEM
Soup-cooking vessel POT
Southernmost Great Lake ERIE
Stopped slouching SATUP
That guy HIM
Thing of value ASSET
Tugboat sound TOOT
Two of a kind PAIR
Upbeat ''How are you?'' response COULDNTBEBETTER
Weathervane turner WIND
__ carte menu ALA
__ for the course (customary) PAR