- Jul 11 2017

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Clues Answers
''Great blue'' wading bird HERON
''I'm stumped'' GOTME
''In that case . . .'' IFSO
''It wasn't me!'' NOTI
''Look what I did!'' TADA
Able to move or think quickly NIMBLE
Available to anyone PUBLIC
Backpacker's shelter TENT
Backup strategy PLANB
Chaplin's cane, for example PROP
Chooses (to) OPTS
Cider fruit APPLE
Cpls. and sgts NCOS
Crispy sandwiches, for short BLTS
Devoured ATE
Diarist __ Frank ANNE
Diplomat's skill TACT
Driver's full reversal UTURN
Duo plus one TRIO
Feel sore ACHE
Figure of speech IDIOM
Fly like a butterfly FLIT
Foreheads BROWS
Fragrance AROMA
French cap BERET
Frequently, in poetry OFT
Give a speech ORATE
Good reasoning LOGIC
Hardly enough SCANTY
Having good judgment WISEASANOWL
Heroic tale EPIC
Humdingers LULUS
Increase one's speed HASTEN
Journalistic slant ANGLE
Jouster's weapon LANCE
Keep away from SHUN
Line on a list ITEM
Clues Answers
Linguini or ziti PASTA
Low-quality POOR
March Madness org NCAA
Mexican pals AMIGOS
Microwave appliances OVENS
Mild-mannered MEEKASADOVE
Next-to-last tourney rounds SEMIS
Oak or maple TREE
Oklahoma oil city TULSA
Performers' platform STAGE
Played a role ACTED
Poker stake ANTE
Prefix meaning ''all'' OMNI
Quarterback who's throwing PASSER
Remind much too often NAG
Retain KEEP
Ride the waves SURF
Runaway victory ROUT
Service charge FEE
Shove PUSH
Smartphone downloads APPS
Speak unclearly SLUR
Squander WASTE
Stairwell sound ECHO
Stare at OGLE
Swim meet location POOL
Takes it easy RESTS
Talks and talks YAKS
Tripped, as a mousetrap SPRUNG
Turn loose LETGO
Turn the wheel STEER
Unseal OPEN
Untidy condition MESS
West Coast sch UCLA
What a manicurist files NAIL
Window ledge SILL
Worry (over) FRET
__ as hen's teeth (rather rare) SCARCE
__ wave (destructive water) TIDAL