New York Times - Jul 9 2017

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Clues Answers
'Am I the only one thinking this ...?' ISITME
'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,' e.g SPOOF
'Breaking Bad' channel AMC
'C'est la vie!' ALAS
'Golden Boy' playwright ODETS
'Gymnopédies' composer SATIE
'You ___!' BETCHA
About which you might ask 'One lump or two?' CAMEL
Aconcagua's range ANDES
Africa's ___ Chad LAKE
Ancient Greek vessel TRIREME
Annotation on Santa's list NICE
Annoy actors Keaton and Crabbe? MIFFBUSTERS
Attached with a knot at the end TIEDOFF
Be watchfully ever-present HOVER
Bit of jewelry with a pendant EARDROP
Bite stopper DEET
Boris Pasternak heroine LARA
Brother who's a criminal? FELONIOUSMONK
Candid FRANK
Cirrus clouds, e.g WISPS
City next to Gulfport BILOXI
City on the Italian Riviera SANREMO
Clog clearer SNAKE
Cold treat eaten with a spoon FROYO
Company behind the Falcon 9 launch vehicle SPACEX
Contents of drives DISCS
Cook who's entrepreneurial TIM
Cry of Pontius Pilate ECCEHOMO
Currency with notes in denominations of 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 YEN
Cut at a slant BEVEL
Deadliness TOXICITY
Demanding NEEDY
Depression Era refugee OKIE
Diamond stat RBI
Did some farm work BALED
Discover UNEARTH
Display no talent for FAILAT
Do better than ONEUP
Doesn't just sit there ACTS
Downed ATE
Flat, e.g SHOE
French press alternative DRIP
Friend of Huck TOM
Grad student headaches ORALS
Heartbeat SEC
Hebrew name that means 'his peace' SHLOMO
Hectic scramble MADDASH
Herb in absinthe FENNEL
Hollywood resident, e.g ANGELENO
Home to some flying monkeys LANDOFOZ
How Bilbo Baggins traveled AFAR
In flames AFIRE
It has two cups BRA
It might get your feet wet DEW
James who wrote the best seller 'A Million Little Pieces' FREY
Kind of acting METHOD
King of the Titans, in Greek legend KRONOS
Like boots SOLED
Like Mork ORKAN
Like most Judd Apatow comedies BAWDY
Longtime news inits UPI
Look ecstatic BEAM
LP players HIFIS
Clues Answers
Lugosi of film fame BELA
Made fun of mercilessly SKEWERED
Make lots of people stop in their tracks? FREEZEACROWD
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Mountain in the logo of Yerevan State University ARARAT
Movie starring Michael J. Fox as a lycanthrope TEENWOLF
Moving vehicle VAN
Name for a cat FELIX
Name on the Saudi flag ALLAH
Nasdaq alternative NYSE
Nebulous HAZY
Neighbor of Turkey IRAN
Neighbors ABUTS
Not engaged BORED
Not nebulous CLEAR
Noted brand once owned by a utopian colony in Iowa AMANA
Obtain through trickery FINAGLE
Off the beaten path AFIELD
On again RELIT
One escorting GUIDER
One may be circular SAW
One may be polyatomic ION
One of the singing Carpenters KAREN
Org. that might come pounding at the door FBI
Paleontologist's find BONE
Part of a concert that many people impatiently sit through OPENER
Perplex ADDLE
Plain dwelling? TEPEE
Pokémon Go, for one APP
Polo brand IZOD
Post on a banister NEWEL
Put in a crypt ENTOMB
Real pal, for short BFF
Refuse WASTE
Roughly equal ONAPAR
Safety worry? SECURITYFRET
Said 'C-O-L-O-U-R,' e.g SPELT
Scotland's ___ Islands ORKNEY
Selfish demand MEFIRST
Sharp ACID
Sign of a hit SRO
Size again REFIT
Some infrastructure ROADS
Soprano Fleming RENEE
Stadium cry OLE
Stash hunter NARC
Strapped, say INAFIX
Subject of the photo 'Guerrillero Heroico' CHE
Sweetheart, in slang BAE
Teaser PROMO
Terrier named after a Scottish island SKYE
Theme in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' RACISM
Theodore, for one CHIPMUNK
Trembling, say AFRAID
Unnecessary extras that don't cost much? CHEAPFRILLS
What jets may do midair REFUEL
When Juno Beach was attacked DDAY
Whole lot RAFT
With 44-Down, half-dozen real estate agents? SIXCHARACTERSIN
Word after sing or string ALONG
Word often said to lack a rhyme ORANGE
Yogurtlike beverage KEFIR
___ relative NEAR
___ sauce (macaroni and cheese ingredient) MORNAY
___ talks TED
___-Bakr (father-in-law of Muhammad) ABU