The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26769 - July 5, 2017

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Clues Answers
A danger in horse being accompanied by pointer ASTERISKED
A noble fear is torn clothes ARISTO
An Arabian vessel? Yes indeed ANDHOW
Arose, it appears, showing a measure of warmth? TOG
Be sorry to have split from girl MISS
Broadcaster announced it will keep buzzers going BEEBREAD
Considers what may lead to my signature REGARDS
Darken joy? DELIGHT
Day off? Graduates turn to wash SABBATH
Endless fun in tent: magician's beginning to bend small hat CIRCUMFLEX
Falling over, soldier died — make his grave? DIG
Fool is half in agreement ASS
Given cat's instinct, tucking into small fish SCOURGED
Gratified these rags become stylish clothes GLAD
In Georgia, dread such aggressive music GANGSTA
Its winner most strongly backed TUGOFWAR
Clues Answers
Keep talking about old weapon HARPOON
Limbs (not head) — they glow EMBERS
Long-distance traveller accepts flying must include relevant service SPACECRAFT
Old philosopher turns to very left-wing papers DIDEROT
One entrancing period of work on farm machinery SPELLBINDER
Peculiarity, having no name attached to grand idol GODDESS
Receiving wire "Rash wickets lost" CATSWHISKER
Refusals to shorten feature NOS
Shamed by defeat over Times leader DISHONOURED
Took huge interest in American university ball USURED
Tuna scarce? Switch to crab, perhaps CRUSTACEAN
Water fills empty butt, as always getting round problem BRAINTEASER
Where surgeon working, above all? ATOP
Who is going to eat these kitchen scraps? PIGSWILL
Wide boy has change of heart, becoming poet CHAUCER
You must leave a cube smooth SAND