Wall Street Journal - Jul 5 2017 - Capital Letters

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Clues Answers
'Don't think so' UHNO
'Golly!' OHMY
'Sheesh!' DAMN
'Town Called Malice' punk rockers THEJAM
*Generous bar order ROUNDOFDRINKS
*Intimidating look DEATHSTARE
*Montana's 16, e.g UNIFORMNUMBER
*Pedal-to-the-metal sort SPEEDDEMON
1976 horror film with three sequels and a 2006 remake THEOMEN
2014 TV retiree JAYLENO
A pop EACH
Adversary FOE
Amazed INAWE
American assignment SEAT
Apple or pear POME
Bit of info DATUM
Bygone days PAST
Cap's partner GOWN
Capital VIP, and a clue to what's hidden in three letters in each starred answer POTUS
City southeast of Lake Titicaca LAPAZ
Comprehend GRASP
Delighted GLAD
Dominate, informally OWN
Dream state acronym REM
Drive nuts UNHINGE
Dumbfound STUN
Early 20th-century style DECO
Edge on a highway, e.g SUV
Firefighter's tool AXE
Flying start? AERO
Founder of Stoicism ZENO
Genesis brother ABEL
Genesis brother ESAU
Genre for G-Unit RAP
Great work OPUS
Green Hornet's sidekick KATO
Clues Answers
Handful, maybe BRAT
Intentionally ignorant of DEAFTO
International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee ALI
Invites for dinner, perhaps ASKSOUT
It may be fake NEWS
Jack Worthing's pseudonym in a Wilde play ERNEST
Jersey call MOO
Legendary sea monster KRAKEN
Like a 58-Across STONY
Like a neat lawn MOWN
Like a proverbial calf FATTED
Mentioned earlier on the page ABOVE
Nick of 'Lorenzo's Oil' NOLTE
Niger neighbor MALI
Nose-thumbing gesture SNOOK
Online shopping icon CART
Partnership, slangily CAHOOTS
Rainy WET
Read quickly SKIMMED
Rock's Cobain KURT
Rx writers MDS
Savannah's 'Today' co-host MATT
See 12-Down LADY
Series components GAMES
Shake insert STRAW
Spoil, maybe DOTEON
Suffix with cigar ETTE
Take five REST
Throws in ADDS
To-do STIR
Trade show presentation DEMO
Turn-of-the-century style ARTNOUVEAU
Unreturnable shot ACE
Vase with a base URN
Westernmost American territory GUAM
Wise up LEARN
With 9-Down, certain doorbell ringer AVON