The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,240 - Jul 3 2017

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Clues Answers
Before Elton's first hit record TAPE
Cerise rocks without volume/mass? SERVICE
Cram cards PACK
Dessert not right after second scotch STIFLE
Dog has a temperature? Setter has remedy! CURATIVE
Drive any convertible — red, say, from here VINEYARD
George Orwell and Colette finally breaking even, which produces a high note FLAGEOLET
Hard drinker, extern­ally wrecked SHOT
Hood's after the sheriff's head — look annoyed! SCOWL
I've run out of patience stuffing cheese roll BRIOCHE
In full, oven-ready relish LOVE
Jail like Tijuana lacks interior for game CANASTA
Johnny's ready? CASH
Mason's fermented juice? PERRY
Mean to cover the interior starting point, comparatively BASELINE
Clues Answers
Name Will shortly after Bill's rejected CALL
Premium book about the country BONUS
Publicity vehicle takes time to get on edge ADVANTAGE
Red shift within British queen's range ARDENNES
Sir Walter casually said: 'Convention' RALLY
Sloped writing support aid BACKHAND
Texas to undergo housing shock ASTOUND
Tragedy of trail map-making body PATHOS
Under river, youth finds illegal drink POTEEN
Very cowardly, not quite returning gunfire VOLLEY
Water collection difficulty: pieces start to tear CATCHMENT
Way through a predic­ament PASS
Whack southern pests SLICE
What was that about following a second US sportsman? ASHE
Which comes as no shock to those who have it ALOPECIA