L.A. Times Daily - Jun 30 2017

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Clues Answers
"Adam Bede" novelist ELIOT
"Conan" channel TBS
"Here, I'll do that" LETME
"I was home alone," perhaps ALIBI
"Knock it off!" STOP
"Let me repeat myself ... " ASISAID
"Sweet!" NEATO
"The Razor's Edge" novelist MAUGHAM
"Tiny Bubbles" singer DONHO
"To Kill A Mockingbird" setting ALABAMA
Actress Kaczmarek or Krakowski JANE
Aetna rival CIGNA
Asian citrus fruit SATSUMA
Baja vacation spot CABO
Before thou know'st ANON
BlackBerries, e.g PDAS
Car rental giant AVIS
Cephalopod wizard's game? SQUIDDITCH
Chihuahua cheers OLES
Co-owner of the Pequod PELEG
Come off as SEEM
Come to light EMERGE
Conceal MASK
CoverGirl competitor ALMAY
Creep TOAD
Cry of fright EEK
Elbow one's way JOSTLE
Farm sound MOO
Fast entry INRUSH
Fond du __, Wisconsin LAC
Formally relinquish CEDE
Former JFK lander SST
French landmass ILE
Friends abroad AMIS
Gettysburg Address feature CURSIVE
GoPro product, briefly CAM
Graph paper design GRID
Hockey advantage HOMEICE
Clues Answers
Issuer of nine-digit ID nos SSA
It's not new ANTIQUE
Kin of gov EDU
Know-nothing swine? PIGNORAMUS
Lazy lady's man? SLOTHARIO
Lead-in to roll or spree ONA
Like a mosquito bite ITCHY
Long Island airport town ISLIP
Lou who stole 938 bases BROCK
Mad men? EDS
Marine predator ORCA
Mink relative OTTER
Molecular particles ATOMS
Moll's leg GAM
Myopic Mr MAGOO
Non-shaving razor name? OCCAM
One bit ATALL
One filling in TEMP
One working at a base UMP
Ones turning in stories NEWSMEN
Org. with body scanners TSA
Piano recital piece, e.g SOLO
Point of view SLANT
Puppet's desire to manipulate Shari Lewis for a change? LAMBITION
Raise a stink? REEK
Resigned words AHME
Roadside retreat INN
Sass from a young lion? CATTITUDE
Small opening? ESS
Sport whose champions are called "yokozuna" SUMO
Suckling spot TEAT
Tale spinner LIAR
The teensiest bit ATAD
Up to, briefly TIL
Woodshop tools SAWS
Yale founder Yale ELIHU
__ Domani: Italian wine brand ECCO
__ firma TERRA