New York Times - Jun 28 2017

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Clues Answers
'American Pie' singer Don MCLEAN
'Far out!' RAD
'Pet' that needs watering CHIA
'Prospero Año ___!' NUEVO
'Spare me!,' for one PLEA
'To be, or not to be' soliloquy setting ELSINORE
Amtrak posting: Abbr SCHED
Andean source of wool LLAMA
Article in Le Monde UNE
Best Picture of 1958 GIGI
Bluto's was 0.0 in 'Animal House' GPA
Boardroom events: Abbr MTGS
Cathedral of Florence DUOMO
Cheery tune LILT
Chemical in Drano LYE
Con artist's crime FRAUD
Coordinate, as audio and video SYNC
Cracked a bit AJAR
Curling surface ICE
Dadaist Jean ARP
De Botton who wrote 'The Architecture of Happiness' ALAIN
Drooling dog of the comics ODIE
Drop-down item MENU
Endurance, informally LEGS
Fig. in a pilot's announcement ETA
First name at Woodstock ARLO
First name in stunt cycling EVEL
Flashes one's pearlies BEAMS
Games played by Elite Eight winners SEMIS
Garbage-hauling boat SCOW
George Orwell's alma mater ETON
Get the better of OUTDO
God-awful LOUSY
Got completely correct ACED
Grade enhancer PLUS
Greek counterpart of Mars ARES
Green light ASSENT
Gucci of fashion ALDO
Clues Answers
Heed the coxswain ROW
Hitchhiker's hope RIDE
Household item whose manufacture employs 42-Across SOAP
It may run the Sierra OS IMAC
Kick out EVICT
Kvetches CARPS
Lay an egg, so to speak FLOP
Like 'it,' grammatically NEUTER
Like elbowing through a crowd, say RUDE
Logan of CBS News LARA
Mensa members' assets IQS
Mob hit participants GUNMEN
Nobelist Pavlov IVAN
Org. for Raptors and Hawks NBA
Phoebe of 'Gremlins' CATES
Piedmont wine center ASTI
Polygon measures AREAS
Proverbial amount of bricks TON
River of France and Belgium LYS
Same old same old RUT
Smart-alecky talk SASS
Source of pressure, perhaps PEER
Square UNHIP
Start of a quip about a whimsical celebrity couple HOWIWISHNATALIE
State firmly AVER
Suckling site UDDER
Swing a scythe, say REAP
Target of ID theft: Abbr SSN
Test for gold content, say ASSAY
Things having their home on the range? TEES
Treelike creature of Middle-earth ENT
Wartime poster phrase IWANTYOU
Whole bunch SCAD
Winner's hand gesture VEE
Words sealed with a kiss IDO
___ flask (thermos) DEWAR