USA Today - Oct 30 2008

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Clues Answers
''How can I ___ thank you?'' EVER
Actor Bean ORSON
Apparitions PHANTOMS
Bathe LAVE
Bhutan beast of legend YETI
Board unit? MEAL
Bronchial sound RALE
Bunker matriarch EDITH
Capri pants feature, often SLIT
Character of a culture ETHOS
Creative work OPUS
Diamond Head location OAHU
Disavow DENY
Dog with long ears SPANIEL
Eggs' companion HAM
English Channel swimmer SOLE
Eta-iota connector THETA
Ex ___ (type of legal decision) PARTE
Fairness-in-hiring abbr. EEO
Fulfill to excess SATE
Good feature ASSET
Having a bird's-eye view of ATOP
Immediately, in the OR STAT
Imperfect FLAWED
It may have a glazed look TILE
John the Baptist's exhortation REPENT
Khrushchev's home USSR
Khrushchev's home, in his native tongue CCCP
Kind of knife or tie BOLO
Krispy ___ doughnuts KREME
Lifting device CRANE
London Magazine essayist ELIA
Makes a mess CLUTTERS
Mayberry resident OPIE
Mine access ADIT
Modeled oneself on APED
Clues Answers
Not these or those OTHERS
One of the Brady bunch CAROL
One reply to ''Should we?'' LETS
Pertaining to hearing AURAL
Plot thickener? SOD
Popular dot-com site YAHOO
Prefix meaning ''half'' SEMI
Put in a role CASTED
Quartet named for its members ABBA
Rodney Dangerfield quote (Part 1) ILOOKEDUP
Rodney Dangerfield quote (Part 2) MYFAMILYTREE
Rodney Dangerfield quote (Part 3) ANDFOUNDOUTI
Rodney Dangerfield quote (Part 4) WASTHESAP
Sample TRY
Santa ___, Calif. CLARA
Sea, to de Gaulle MER
Short news pieces ITEMS
Single-celled organism AMOEBA
Something to go on? FOOT
Son of Isaac ESAU
Sought reparations from SUED
State of irritation SNIT
Stone-and-ink print, briefly LITHO
Story told around the campfire TALE
Subway token alternative SLUG
They can make a strong person weep ONIONS
They may be in the pool BETS
Timely benefit BOON
Turn rancid SPOIL
Type of cartridge TONER
Uncut ruby, e.g. GEMSTONE
VIP on the Hill SEN
Was visibly afraid PALED
Word with ''temporary'' or ''practical'' USE
Worthless byproduct DROSS
___ Fein SINN
___ Spiegel DER